A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2378

The undead all crawled around this figure, as if they were afraid!

This figure was glowing black, and his body was as black as ink, as if he was wearing black armour!

Inside him, a whirlpool began to spin, and all the surrounding Yin and Evil Qi was sucked into his body!

Suddenly, the figure opened his eyes, and they were filled with a cold aura.

The undead that passed by him seemed to sense something and all stopped moving and actually knelt down!

Looking at those kneeling undead, the figure slowly rose up, his long, pitch-black hair fluttering in the wind!

“This Hell Abyss, it really is a good place, it’s a pity, it’s a pity that I have to be beckoned back so early.”

The figure slowly lifted its head, and a delicate face was revealed!

If Kai had seen it, he would have been surprised, for it was none other than Ning Zhi who had fought with him for a long time, but had suddenly disappeared!

Ning Zhi had been sent to the Hell Abyss by the great powers to cultivate, but now they were summoning him back because the aura was reviving and Ning Zhi was an indispensable part of it!

Ning Zhi’s eyes were filled with excitement as he felt the rushing Yin and Fury Qi within him!

Ning Zhi’s fists clenched as a rampant aura rushed out into the sky!

“Kai, I don’t know if you’ve missed me yet, but if I ever run into you again, I’ll give you a taste of hell ……”

“At that time, the entire secular world will be honored by me, I am a devil cultivator, I am an Inferno Devil Body, a natural born devil ……”

“Hahahaha, hahahaha …………”

Ning Zhi laughed arrogantly, his voice echoing through the valley!

And beneath his feet, vast swathes of undead bent to their knees, shivering ……

The darkness of the abyss was now starting to brighten up!

All of that Yin Qi was actually sucked into Ning Zhi’s palm, forming a huge black vortex!

Ning Zhi glanced at the undead kneeling on the ground and revealed a smile “Farewell, my people, you are free, go and kill everything you see ……”

After Ning Zhi finished speaking, he slowly walked towards the black vortex, and soon his figure disappeared into the vortex!

After Ning Zhi disappeared, those undead swarmed out of the abyss!

In the secret territory, Leng Wu Dao and the others hadn’t found Kai, but they were constantly being attacked by the undead, and were suffering!

“It’s really f*cking strange, why does this undead feel like they can’t be killed, there are more and more of them?”

Leng Wu Dao cursed!

In the past few days, they hadn’t seen any sign of Kai, but they had encountered several groups of undead, even though they weren’t very strong and they could kill them by joining forces!

But this endless battle had long since made them very tired, and every sect’s disciples had been damaged!

The main thing was that killing these undead would gain them no benefit at all!

If they were demonic beasts, they could still get beast pellets if they killed them!

But these undead were just like flies, very annoying, but killing them would not be of the slightest use except wasting their Qi energy for nothing!

“It seems that although this secret realm is full of resources, with so many undead, it’s not suitable to stay for long ……”

Tong Ocean said after killing an undead with a single slap!

If they were to set up camp here in the future, wouldn’t they be annoyed by these endlessly killing undead?

“We received an undead attack, I believe that Kai is not much better, maybe they would have been killed by the undead by now ……”

Bao Yu Kun said optimistically.

But they don’t even know that Kai can’t wait to encounter the undead all day long, and the undead have long been killed around their hideout.

The undead are the best resource for Kai, who has to travel hundreds of miles every day to find them!


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