A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2377

“Brother Leng, are you alright?”

Tong Ocean stepped forward at this time and asked Leng Wu Dao with a show of concern.

But when he was just escaping, Tong Ocean didn’t even look at Leng Wu Dao.

“It’s alright!” Leng Wu Dao shook his head, his face full of frustration!

Now that Kai was protected by a Realm of Transformation expert, the chances of him wanting to kill Kai for revenge just weren’t possible!

“Since it’s alright, let’s change your clothes ……”

Tong Ocean pointed at Leng Wu Dao’s trousers!

Leng Wu Dao looked down and realised that he had pissed himself, he had just pissed himself in fear!

Embarrassed, Leng Wu Dao hurriedly found a place and changed his clothes!

“Damn, what a living hell, that old monster is actually a Realm of Transformation expert, and he’s still so protective of that Kai, who the hell is that Kai?”

Leng Wu Dao cursed under his breath!

“I’m also wondering, since when, would there be a Realm of Transformation expert?”

“But that old monster is a killer, he just let us go and didn’t strike at us, it’s really strange.”

Tong Ocean was also a bit puzzled and said.

“Do you guys think that that old monster could be bluffing? Just now he casually waved his hand, our group of people would have been extinguished, but he didn’t do anything.”

Bao Yu Kun stepped forward and said.

“Most likely it was a bluff, but I know that even an eighth grade Martial Emperor can create the sight of a strong person at the Transformation Realm if he forces his power Qi, only that is all an appearance and does not have the power to attack ……”

At this time, Yao Qing also walked over!

Leng Wu Dao and Tong Ocean glanced coldly at Yao Qing, neither of them said anything, while Bao Yu Kun said “Yao Qing, you still have the face to say that, just now you were the fastest runner, scared like a rabbit!”

“Aren’t you all the same? Don’t talk about me, I think that old monster has definitely not reached the Realm of Transformation, it’s just to scare us.”

Yao Qing said.

At this moment, everyone was silent, and after a moment, Tong Ocean said, “Yao Qing should be right, I also feel very strange, that old monster is just bluffing, in order to scare us away.”

“Damn it, let’s go back now, if they ran away long ago, then they must be scaring us, if I come across them again, I will never spare him.”

Leng Wu Dao said, about to lead the men back!

“If it’s really a bluff, that old monster should have been injured in all five organs by now, and we don’t have to be afraid at all.”

Bao Yukun said!

Soon, the crowd re-turned back, but found that Kai was long gone!

“Damn, they were really intimidated, I will never spare them, give me chase ……”

Leng Wu Dao led his men to start chasing after Kai and the others!

And after picking the herbs, Kai and the others went to follow Yue Buqun to rendezvous!

The crowd found a relatively secluded place, Kai refined some pills and then distributed them to Qu Yunchang and Yue Buqun and the others so that they could recover faster!

Divine Reckoning, on the other hand, sent out the Divination Gang disciples to lay a guard around the area so that they would know as soon as Leng Wu Dao and the others chased them here as quickly as possible!

Kai, on the other hand, often went out on his own to find those undead to hunt and kill to boost his Daoist power!

In this way, Kai dodged Leng Wu Dao and the others while hunting the undead to raise his Dao power.

Meanwhile, in the darkness of the abyss, the cold fog was churning, and undead were still crawling out of the abyss!

Underneath the destroyed altar in the abyssal valley, a harsh hissing sound echoed out, this was the place where the fiercest of foul and fierce qi was thickest, and where the undead kept pouring out.

It was as if this place was connected to hell, and the spirits from hell crawled here through this passage!

And in the deepest part of this place, where the undead are constantly pouring out, there is a figure sitting quietly inside!


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