A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2376

A moment later, Kai’s body began to shine with a faint light, and a strong and terrifying aura emanated from Kai’s body!

Kai’s eyes slowly opened, at this moment, Kai’s eyes were even more profound, giving people an inscrutable feeling!

“Mr. Chen, you’ve made a breakthrough?”

Feeling the change in Kai’s aura, Liu Xing and Liu Rui were very happy!

Kai slowly got up, and then nodded his head.

Feeling the changes in his body, Kai finally had a hint of joy on his face, he did not expect the power of this dao pattern to be so powerful!

He had only generated two Dao Stripe Powers, but it had directly raised his realm to the Sixth Grade Martial God, which was the Sixth Grade Sub-Divine Realm!

If this were to cultivate the power of the Dao Stripes to nine, wouldn’t his own realm be unbelievable?

Right now, the entire mysterious realm was filled with undead, and these undead were the very resources that Kai used to cultivate the power of the Dao Stripes.

“Liu Xing, how long have I been cultivating for?”

Kai asked to Liu Xing.

“Mr. Chen, you have been cultivating for a day and a night, just now that Leng Wu Dao led people to find this place, if not for Elder Qu’s sudden appearance, I am afraid that we would all have been killed by now.”

Liu Xing said.

“Old Qu?” Kai froze, and then only then did he notice Qu Yunchang, who was not far away, his face somewhat pale and his eyes tightly closed!

“What’s going on here?” Kai knew that Qu Yunchang’s strength was such that Leng Wu Dao and the others were no match for him, but the Qu Yunchang in front of him was obviously suffering from very serious internal injuries!

“Mr. Chen, it’s like this …………”

Liu Rui gave out the scene where Qu Yunchang had just forced his internal energy to create a realm of transformation.

If it wasn’t for this manifestation of the realm of transformation, it wouldn’t have scared away Leng Wu Dao and the others at all!

As soon as Kai heard this, he immediately understood, so he stepped forward and gently put one hand on Qu Yunchang’s shoulder, a spiritual energy instantly hit Qu Yunchang’s body and gave him a check-up!

Qu Yunchang also opened his eyes at this time, found Kai awake, hurriedly got up and said “Temple …… Mr. Chen, you’re awake?”

“Old Qu, it’s hard for you ……”

Kai knew that if he hadn’t been cultivating, Qu Yunchang wouldn’t have had to scare Leng Wu Dao and the others away like that, he could have put up a fight!

But at that time, he was cultivating himself and was in an unconscious state, Qu Yunchang had to fight and protect himself, he would obviously be unable to do so, that’s why he took the risk of forcing the scene of the realm of transformation!

“Mr. Chen, for you, what does it matter if I lose my old life.”

Qu Yunchang said with a faint smile.

“Your five internal organs have been badly injured, don’t be pushing your internal energy for the time being, there are plenty of medicinal herbs here, I will pick some herbs and make you a few pills to help you recover as soon as possible!”

Kai said to Qu Yunchang.

“Thank you Mr. Chen ……” Qu Yunchang nodded gratefully!

“Mr. Chen, Elder Qu, we’d better leave this place quickly, maybe that Leng Wu Dao will react and return soon.”

Liu Xing urged Kai and Qu Yunchang at this point!

Kai nodded and quickly left!

At this time, Leng Wu Dao and the others had already run away for more than a hundred miles, that scene just now had scared them all out of their wits!

At a hillside, they all stopped to rest, panting, and everyone looked at each other, no one said anything!

After all, when they had just fled, they had all disowned each other, and no one cared about anyone, so there was no cooperation!

In the face of life and death, people are all selfish, so no one said anything!

Leng Wu Dao’s body was covered in cold sweat and his trousers were soaked through, he had just been scared to death!

The crowd looked at Leng Wu Dao’s wretched appearance, no one made fun of him, after all, being scared by a Realm of Transformation expert and pissing himself was not a shame!


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