A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2375

In a flash, countless terrifying auras enveloped towards Qu Yunchang!

Although he was not afraid of these people, if they really started to fight, it would be difficult for him to protect Kai!

But at this point in time, Qu Yunchang knew he couldn’t show cowardice, otherwise these people would rush up like hungry wolves and tear them all apart!

“Hahahaha …………”

“A fight to the death? You’re not worthy of that? In my eyes, you are no different from ants ……”

Qu Yunchang laughed loudly.

From Qu Yunchang’s body, an inaudible aura slowly rose up, followed by this aura suddenly exploding in mid-air!

All at once, the wind rose and the clouds rose, the entire sky dimmed, and where they were, the void continued to twist and spatial turbulence swept everywhere, just like the end of the world!

The aura emanating from Leng Wu Dao and the others was instantly shattered, as everyone felt the shaking of the void and looked at the apocalyptic sky, a huge shadow looming over their hearts!

“Realm of Transformation? A Transformation Realm powerhouse?”

Tong Ocean’s eyes were wide with fear!

“There’s actually a Transformation Realm powerhouse in the world?” Bao Yukun trembled as his legs continued to tremble!

“Once you enter the Realm of Transformation, everything in the world is a molehill, no wonder he said we were molehills.”

Yao Qing’s face was pale, and after he finished speaking, he actually turned around and ran!

Because he knew that in front of a Transformation Realm powerhouse, the other party’s gentle slap could turn them into mush!

Before the other party could strike, the only way for him to survive was to run!

As soon as Yao Qing turned his head and ran, he instantly drove the others!

All of them fled for their lives, no one could care less about anyone at this point, no one was talking about joining forces, all they wanted was to survive!

At this moment, Leng Wu Dao looked dumbfounded at Qu Yun Chang in front of him, his whole body was dumbfounded!

Behind him, the people who had originally joined him in making the move had already run away without a trace!

Leng Wu Dao’s legs were trembling, his trousers had long since gotten wet, and cold sweat was dripping down from his forehead like rain.

He was closest to Qu Yunchang and could really feel the hellish fear from Qu Yunchang’s body!

A moment later, Leng Wu Dao, who had reacted, turned around and ran off into the distance, quickly losing sight of him!

After everyone had run away, the void slowly recovered, the sky became brighter and that terrifying aura disappeared!

Qu Yunchang stood quietly, his face expressionless!

“Elder Qu, these guys have been chasing after Mr. Chen, why didn’t you kill them, but let them go?”

Liu Xing asked Qu Yunchang in a very puzzled manner.

After all, Qu Yunchang was a Realm of Transformation expert, just now, as soon as Qu Yunchang made a move, none of those people would have been able to escape!

But just as Liu Xing finished speaking, Qu Yunchang’s eyebrows gaped and he spurted out a mouthful of blood with a loud wow!

Qu Yunchang’s face was pale and his breath became faint!

This startled Liu Xing and Liu Rui!

“Elder Qu, what’s wrong with you?”

Liu Xing and Liu Rui hurriedly went forward to support Qu Yunchang!

“I’m fine, I’ll be fine after resting, you guys keep watch over Mr. Chen, those guys shouldn’t come anytime soon!”

Qu Yunchang said, his eyes slightly closed and began to adjust his breath!

Qu Yunchang had not reached the Realm of Transformation at all, just now he had only forced his internal energy to create the aura of a strong person at the Realm of Transformation, just now those were just appearances, Qu Yunchang was not able to do anything at all!

This was done to scare Leng Wu Dao and the others away, not to kill them, while Qu Yun Chang himself was forcing his internal energy, causing serious injuries to his internal organs!

Liu Xing and Liu Rui looked at Qu Yunchang and Kai nervously, they could only hope that Kai could break through quickly, if that Leng Wu Dao and the others reflected and came back to kill them, they could not stop them.


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