A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2374

But before Liu Rui could bite her tongue, Bao Yukun grabbed Liu Rui’s chin, leaving Liu Rui no way to bite her tongue!

“If you want to die, you have to wait until we’ve had enough fun before you die ……”

After Bao Yukun finished speaking, he was about to pick Liu Rui up with one hand!

Boom …………

Just as Bao Yu Kun was about to pick Liu Rui up, a strong wind suddenly hit him, and Bao Yu Kun was unable to dodge, so he was directly knocked out!

Bao Yu Kun’s body, after breaking a dozen trees, stopped, and blood spilled out from the corner of his mouth!

“What kind of person?” Leng Wu Dao’s brow furrowed!

So did everyone else, looking around with a wary expression!

There were so many of them, but they hadn’t noticed anyone approaching, and they had knocked Bao Yukun away in one go, so it was clear that the other party must be an expert!

“A bunch of you old men, yet you are bullying a girl child, how dare you have shame? I see that you famous sects are even worse than evil cultivators!”

“Fortunately, I have never been in your company, and I will kill one of you if I see one of you ……”

Not far away, an old man dressed in a grey cloth robe walked out!

The moment the old man stepped out, almost everyone felt the pressure and everyone’s heart tightened!

The aura from the old man was so powerful that it scared everyone a little!

And when Liu Xing and Liu Rui saw the old man, surprise instantly appeared on their faces.

“Old man Qu, save us, save Mr. Chen quickly ……”

Liu Xing and Liu Rui shouted at the old man!

This old man was none other than Qu Yunchang from Fishing Island, and Liu Xing and Liu Rui both knew him!

With a gentle wave of his hand, the aura that was controlling Liu Xing and Liu Rui instantly dissipated and the two people regained their freedom!

“Who are you, Your Excellency? Why do you want to meddle in our Hidden Realm’s affairs?”

Leng Wu Dao asked as he turned to Qu Yun Chang.

“I am Qu Yunchang, the old monster that your Hidden Realm talks about, I don’t care if your Hidden Realm does some chicken and dog stuff, but you want to deal with him, I won’t agree ……”

Qu Yunchang said as he pointed at Kai.

When they heard Qu Yunchang say that he was that old monster, everyone was shocked!

Because there was no one in the Hidden Realm who didn’t know about the old monster, although no one had ever seen or heard of him, but there was an old monster on the sea, this was something that everyone in the Hidden Realm knew!

That’s why people in the Hidden Realm rarely take the water route, because no one who goes out by water has ever been able to come back!

“So it’s senior Qu, this Kai killed my son, as the saying goes, murder pays for life and debt, it’s only right and proper that I come to kill this Kai, I still hope senior Qu won’t interfere.”

“When the time comes, the many sects of our Hidden Realm will definitely send generous resources to senior Qu.”

Leng Wu Dao didn’t want to follow Qu Yun Chang and make enemies, so he intended to give Qu Yun Chang some resources to keep Qu Yun Chang out of this matter.

But when Leng Wu Dao finished, Qu Yun Chang laughed disdainfully and said “Not to mention killing your son, even if you kill your mother, you can’t touch Mr. Chen a bit, or I’ll send you to hell ……”

The tone of Qu Yunchang’s voice was very domineering, and there was no room for negotiation!

Are you kidding, Kai was his temple master!

Even if Qu Yunchang were to lose his life, there was no way he would let Leng Wu Dao touch Kai!

Qu Yunchang’s words instantly froze Leng Wu Dao, and then Leng Wu Dao’s face became incomparably cold!

Although he couldn’t understand why this Qu Yunchang was protecting Kai, but for Qu Yunchang to humiliate him like that in front of everyone made Leng Wu Dao somewhat unbearable!

Besides, he wasn’t the only one here, now that all their sects in the Hidden Realm were tied together, there was no need to fear Qu Yunchang at all!

“Old monster, I discussed with you in a nice voice, but you don’t even know how to be nice, then don’t blame us for not being polite.”

“Even if you are strong, you are only one person, can you still take on our entire Hidden Realm sect?”

“Today, we will fight to the death to kill this Kai ……”

The aura on Leng Wu Dao’s body began to rise, while the others, seeing this, also prepared to strike!


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