A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2372

And after hearing the sound of the fight, Kai killed several undead in front of him with a single sword, turned his head to look and found Liu Xing and Liu Rui, actually following that undead leader in a fight!

It was obvious that Liu Xing and Liu Rui were at a disadvantage, both of them were injured to varying degrees!

Seeing this, Kai instantly rushed up, and the dragon chopping sword in his hand emitted blazing flames, followed by a slash, fiercely slashing at the undead’s body!

The flames instantly engulfed the undead leader, who let out a roar as his body struggled!

Looking at the scene before him, Kai’s heart was a bit intolerant, this was once a general who had died for his country, but even if he was intolerant, there was nothing Kai could do!

And it was a relief for these undead.

But as the fire burned, a gloomy, fierce aura spread from the undead, and the spirit fire, which was originally combustible, was instantly extinguished under this fierce aura!

The air around them seemed to freeze, and a gust of gloomy wind blew past, making Kai and the others feel as if they had fallen into an ice cave!

Kai frowned slightly “This fierce qi is really strong ……”

When Kai saw this, the power of the divine dragon in his body erupted and a sword mane shot out from the Dragon Chopper Sword!

The sword mane instantly turned into a golden dragon and flew out, then hovered in the air, then from the mouth of the golden dragon spewed out a blazing flame and began to attack the undead leader!

The killing aura on the undead followed the spirit fire spewed out by the golden dragon and began to resist!

The power of the divine dragon within Kai’s body continued to erupt, and the flames from the golden dragon’s mouth grew stronger and stronger!

Slowly, the foul aura emanating from the undead began to weaken, and eventually began to burn!

Soon, the undead leader was silent, and a point of light slowly rose into the air, followed by a rush towards Kai!

“Mr. Chen, be careful ……”

Liu Xing and Liu Rui did not know what was going on, suddenly they saw a point of light shooting towards Kai and hurriedly blocked Kai’s front!

But the point of light pierced through the two men’s bodies and finally entered Kai’s body!

“This undead leader’s Daoist power is really powerful ……”

Kai found that the Daoist power within his body had become two!

Just as the Dao Stripe Force was raised to two, Kai could only feel the Spiritual Energy within his Dantian rushing.

“About to break through?”

Kai froze and hurriedly sat down on his knees on the ground and hurriedly began to cultivate!

“What’s wrong with Mr. Chen?”

Liu Xing was bewildered when he saw this, not understanding what was wrong with Kai, why did he suddenly sit down and start cultivating?

“Mr. Chen is probably about to make a breakthrough and has reached the breakthrough point, that’s why he suddenly started to cultivate, we have to protect Mr. Chen’s magic ……”

Liu Rui seemed to have seen it and said to Liu Xing.

Liu Xing nodded, one left and one right guarded Kai’s side, giving him protection!

Unknowingly, the two people had been guarding Kai for a day and a night, Kai was still motionless, and Liu Xing and Liu Rui did not move a muscle, guarding Kai!

At that moment, a sound of footsteps began to approach Kai, which made Liu Xing and Liu Rui nervous!

Because undead don’t have footsteps at all, and if there are footsteps approaching, that means someone is approaching!

But Liu Xing and Liu Rui didn’t know who these people were, and they didn’t dare to send out their divine sense to investigate, lest they be discovered by the other side directly!

Now Liu Xing and Liu Rui could only pray that these people were not Leng Wu Dao and the others, but Yue Bu Qun and the others looking for them.

But as the sound of footsteps got closer and closer, and the figures were clearly visible, Liu Xing and Liu Rui’s hearts sank to the bottom!

Only to see that this group of people was none other than Leng Wu Dao and the others. Liu Xing and Liu Rui’s faces were ashen, but the two of them still didn’t move, still guarding Kai’s side!

Leng Wu Dao and the others were surprised when they suddenly saw Kai, they thought that Kai should have fled a long time ago, maybe he had left the secret realm, but to their surprise, he was still here!

“Hahahaha, it really took a lot of effort to get here, I never thought I would come across him here ……”

Leng Wu Dao laughed out loud.


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