A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2371

“When you encounter the undead later, you two don’t make a move, just let me do it myself, only when I don’t have the means to deal with it alone, you two are making a move ……”

Kai said to Liu Xing and Liu Rui.

The two nodded, since killing the undead was cultivation for Kai, then they would let Kai kill those undead!

The three walked for a few moments before they saw a large group of undead fluttering by!

The leader was an undead in armour, and behind him were his soldiers!

All these undead were dressed in ancient clothes and held spears in their hands, clearly an ancient army.

This army should have been killed, but their souls were undying and eventually turned into undead!

Seeing this sudden appearance of a large group of undead, Liu Xing and Liu Rui’s faces both changed a little, and only Kai had excitement in his eyes!

Because so many undead, to Kai, that was all a huge amount of resources, these were all Daoist powers!

“You two protect yourselves ……”

Kai finished his admonition, holding his Zeng Long sword, he leapt up and headed straight for that group of undead!

The undead in armor, holding a long sword in his hand, looked at Kai who leaped forward and waved his long sword “Attack …………”

The undead behind him began to shout, and with spears in their hands, they directly met Kai!

In mid-air, Kai cut out the Dragon Slashing Sword in his hand, a golden sword aura sliced through the sky!

In an instant, the undead in front of Kai were all killed, and an undetectable amount of Dao power entered Kai’s body!

Kai was overjoyed, and with his Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand, he instantly entered the chaotic army, like a tiger descending from the mountain, slashing at the undead!

Although these were once soldiers, but now they had become undead, Kai was not the least bit merciful!

Besides, if they were killed, they would be reincarnated and would not have to stay in this world and suffer as undead!

Liu Xing and Liu Rui looked at Kai’s courageous appearance and could not help but feel a pang of emotion!

It had only been a short time, and Kai had already grown from the man they had despised to the man they could not climb up to now!

When they first saw Kai, he was still in a difficult position to defend himself, beaten to death by Tong You Gong!

“That’s probably talent, something you and I will never be able to compare.”

Liu Xing let out a faint sigh.

At this moment, Kai was getting more and more excited to kill, not seeing a trace of fatigue and exhaustion.

But just as Kai was getting excited about killing, the undead in armour, unexpectedly took a long knife and quietly went behind Kai, this was intended to sneak attack Kai!

When Liu Xing and Liu Rui saw this, they panicked a little.

“Damn, this undead actually has a mind ……”

Seeing that the undead in armour was about to sneak attack Kai, Liu Xing couldn’t help but curse!

It was too late to warn Kai, so Liu Xing and Liu Rui attacked together towards the undead in armor!

Liu Xing smashed his fist and instantly a shadow of fists enveloped the undead!

Liu Rui’s long sword came out of her body and cut out a sword blade!

When the undead in armour saw this, he shouted angrily and then his fierce aura filled his body, instantly defeating the two men’s attacks!

Then the long sword in the undead’s hand slashed, creating a stunning sword aura!

Liu Rui hurriedly blocked it with the long sword in her hand, but was directly knocked out!

Seeing this, Liu Xing leapt up with his teeth clenched and his huge fist struck the undead’s body with a fierce blow!

But the undead didn’t move at all, but it knocked Liu Xing away with one punch!

“This undead is also too powerful, it is simply perverted ……”

Liu Xing slowly got up and frowned!

“Even Master barely managed to kill one such undead, the two of us are afraid that we are no match at all!”

Liu Rui had a worried look on her face!

“Opponent or not, we can’t let him sneak up on Chen, kill ……”

Liu Xing leapt up again, followed by Liu Rui, and the two of them simultaneously attacked towards the armor-clad undead!


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