A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2369

“What’s going on here?”

Tong Ocean saw this and was stunned!

Leng Wu Dao didn’t know what was going on either, while the others gathered around when they saw this scene!

“Look, there are figures in the abyss ……”

At this moment someone, shouted out!

Amidst the gaze of the crowd, the figure got closer and closer, and then jumped straight out of the abyss!

Upon seeing the crowd that suddenly emerged from the abyss, Leng Wu Dao directly froze!

“Kai, you guys really went into this?”

Leng Wu Dao couldn’t believe it, how had Kai and the others stayed inside for such a long time!

Kai and Yue Buqun and the others were also frozen when they saw Leng Wu Dao, they also didn’t expect that Leng Wu Dao and the others were still waiting here!

Both sides looked at each other for a while, but soon killing intent began to show on all of them!

“Damn, I’ve told you, I didn’t kill your son, you’re not finished, you’re actually waiting here ……”

Kai saw Leng Wu Dao’s endless pursuit of him and couldn’t help but curse out!

“Kai, it’s useless for you to say anything now, you must die ……”

Leng Wu Dao’s face was cold, then he looked at the Divine Calculus “Divine Calculus, you traitor, you betrayed us all, do you want to accompany that Kai to die together?”

“Leng Wu Dao, I can’t die, it’s you guys who are going to die, don’t forget what the old man is for, I have already figured out what will happen to you.”

The divine calculator sneered.

“I pooh, you really think you’re a thing, if you were really a half immortal, you wouldn’t have to stay in the Hidden Realm.”

Leng Wu Dao spat fiercely, then said loudly, “These people in front of us, we absolutely can’t let them go, this time we must eliminate the grass, from now on all the resources here, are ours ……”

The people of the hidden world all showed their weapons, Kai and Yue Buqun and others, also showed their weapons, both sides were at war!

But in terms of strength, Kai and his side were too weak!

Whether in terms of numbers or strength, Kai and the others were at an absolute disadvantage!

“Patriarch Yue, Divine Calculus Master, when the fight starts, you guys run, that Leng Wu Dao mainly wants to kill me, you guys don’t need to accompany me to get killed ……”

Kai whispered to Yue Buqun and the Divine Calculus!

“Mr. Chen, I’m not running, even if I have to die, then let’s die together ……”

Yue Buqun said with a determined face.

“Mr. Chen, you are the Chosen One, you will not die easily, I believe in my own divination skills ……”

The Divine Reckoner knew that Kai was by no means a mortal, he couldn’t have died so easily!

“Kill me ……,” Leng Wu Dao waved his hand and the Hidden Realm crowd swarmed on him!

But at this very moment, there was a sudden sound of ghostly cries from within the abyss, followed by a haunting gust of gloomy wind whistling up!

A large number of undead spirits poured out from the abyss.

Seeing this scene, Leng Wu Dao and the others were all dumbfounded, facing the gusts of gloomy wind and thousands of undead, none of these people from the Hidden Realm dared to move!

“Run ……”

Kai, on the other hand, let out a roar and led Yue Buqun and the others and started running!

Before Leng Wu Dao and the others could react, they were surrounded by the onrushing undead, and there was no way to chase after Kai and the others!

The sound of killing was heard everywhere as Leng Wu Dao and the others followed the undead and started to fight!

Kai and the others were also chased by some undead, and Kai could only kill and retreat!

Luckily these undead were all able to be killed once they were out of the abyss!

However, when Kai was killing these undead, a Daoist power would enter his body without killing a single undead.

In this way, as they killed and retreated, Kai finally got rid of the undead and Leng Wu Dao and the others!

Finding a relatively safe place, Kai and the others began to rest!

And Leng Wu Dao and the others rushed out in a mess, getting rid of the undead!

“Damn, why did some of these things suddenly appear, letting that Kai get away for nothing ……”

Leng Wu Dao cursed angrily with a face of anger!


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