A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2365

But Kai could tell at a glance that this old man was nothing more than a spirit, not a real person!

“Little brother, how are you doing? ……”

The white-haired old man said with a smile towards Kai!

Kai was stunned, then his eyes widened in surprise as he looked at the old man in front of him, because this old man’s voice, following the voice emitted from that skull, was exactly the same!

“You …… you …………”

Kai pointed at the old man, not knowing what to say for a moment!

“Hahahaha, that crystal skull is mine, I’m the one who lured you here!”

The old man said with a laugh!

“Why did you do that? It’s obvious that your soul is here, so why did you lie to me about borrowing this place to lure the soul here, so that you could then be resurrected in the Celestial Realm?”

Kai looked at the old man with some anger and questioned him.

He had fought tooth and nail to send the old man’s skull here, but he didn’t want to be lied to!

“I didn’t lie to you, although my soul is here again, I have no way to leave, I am the Yin Devil suppressed here, only by breaking the suppression here can I return to the Celestial Realm.”

The Yin Demon said truthfully to Kai.

“After all this, you want me to save you?” Kai huffed, “Why should I save you? What do I have to gain by saving you?”

“Of course there are benefits to saving me, but as for why I’m being saved, because only you can save me from getting out of here ……”

“You saved Wind Demon, Blood Demon, you should also save me from here ah. ”

Yin Devil said to Kai.

“Wind Demon?”

Kai was stunned, he only knew that the Blood Demon had gone straight to the Celestial Realm because of the revived aura and the resurrected essence, and Kai did not remember saving any Wind Demon ah?

“It’s the old guy who taught you the Holy Light Fist, he was suppressed by the Demon Suppressing Tower, and it was you who let him out.”

The Yin Demon explained!

Only then did Kai remember that he had learnt the Holy Light Fist from that old man inside the Demon Suppression Tower, and that old man was only a remnant of a soul!

“Could that old man also be a great demon?”

Kai asked with great surprise.

Because at that time, he saw that old man in white robes and kind brows, where did he look like a great devil?

“Bah, where is he worthy of the three words Great Demon Head, a small Demon Subduing Tower has suppressed him for hundreds of years, what a disgrace to our Demon Race.”

The Yin Demon actually bawled fiercely, clearly despising that Wind Demon!

“You yourself aren’t still trapped here?” Kai felt amused, this Yin Devil was obviously suppressed here himself, yet he was still laughing at others!

“Is it the same, this is the Valley of Abyss, but that little Demon Suppressing Tower can be compared, moreover what is suppressed here is only a wisp of my residual soul, if my main body was here, I would have leveled this shitty place and directly f*cked off to the Underworld!”

The Yin Devil said with an arrogant face!

“Fuck off, don’t f*cking brag about it here ……”

Only to see the rotting corpse on the side waving his hand, the soul of the Yin Devil instantly flew far away!

Kai saw this and said to the Yin Devil “How can I save you? And what benefits did you give me?”

“Senior Wind Demon taught me the Holy Light Fist, and Senior Blood Demon saved my life.”

“I’ve given you all the benefits, can’t you feel it? That mass of breath inside you, that is Dao Fury Qi, as long as you kill the Yin Fury thing, that Dao Fury Qi will be strong, when you practice nine Dao Stripes, no one under the universal sky will be your opponent!”

“If you kill this half rotten fellow now, you will be able to generate your first Dao Stripe and your strength will improve a lot, and you can also save me out, why not?”

The Yin Devil said to Kai.

“Hmph, you’re bragging again, and no one under the universal sky is your opponent?”

The rotting corpse snorted coldly, then slapped out a palm, instantly causing the Yin Devil’s soul to dissipate!

“Kid, don’t listen to his bragging, now you leave quickly and I can spare your lives, otherwise don’t blame me for not being polite!”

The rotting corpse threatened at Kai!


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