A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2361

“Mr. Chen, is that the Divine Peasant Cauldron you were making pills in just now?”

On the road, Yue Buqun asked to Kai.

“Yes!” Kai nodded his head!

“I remember that Mr. Chen lent the Shennong Cauldron to that Bao Yu Kun, I wonder when he got it back?”

Yue Buqun asked curiously.

“Hahahaha, that Shennong Cauldron is an ancient elixir, how could I easily lend it to him, and that Bao Yukun is obviously a master of borrowing without returning, I can’t trust him, what I gave him then was just a fake!”

Kai said with a laugh!

“Mr. Chen is brilliant, that Bao Yukun is a despicable villain, Mr. Chen is right to do so.”

Yue Buqun said in admiration!

As the group walked and chatted, each one raising their guard as they gossiped, just in case anything else happened!

But the group just kept walking diagonally to the bottom, and in nothing happened!

But as they went deeper and deeper, the dense Yin Qi, accompanied by a gust of wind, made Kai feel as if they were in hell!

Soon, a dozens-metre-high gate appeared in front of Kai, which was closed tightly and blocked the way!

On both sides, there were smooth stone walls and no way out, so it seemed that they had to open the gate to get in.

Kai went forward and pushed the door, but found that it was so heavy that he could not push it.

“Let’s all try pushing the door harder together and see if we can push this gate open ……”

Kai said to the crowd!

The people, upon hearing this, hurriedly stepped forward and then used all their strength to push the gate together!

But the gate didn’t move at all, knowing that many of them were Martial Gods and even Martial Emperors!

Together, they couldn’t even push the gate?

“This gate seems to have been placed in a spell formation, there is no way to shake it with brute force, we need to find out where the eye of the formation is.”

The Divine Calculus said as he looked at the tens of metres high gate!

Kai nodded, and then began to search in earnest.

Kai’s palm gently placed on the gate, a wisp of spiritual energy spread out in all directions, and with his eyes slightly closed, Kai began to feel the formation on the gate!

But after searching for half a day, he did not find any formation at all, the gate was just an ordinary gate, there was no formation on it!

“Strange, no one has laid a formation on this gate?”

Kai said with a frown!

The divine Abbot was stunned, then he went forward, took out a copper coin, and blew hard, the coin made a buzzing sound, then the divine Abbot tossed the coin, the coin actually adsorbed on the gate and started to spin!

The divine calculator was also instantly dumbfounded, “There really is no spell formation, but without a spell formation, how can this gate not open?”

“With the strength of all of us, even a small mountain could be flattened by him, but we can’t push a gate?”

“Mr. Chen, since there is no spell formation, there must be a hidden lock on this gate, maybe if we find the mechanism, we can open the gate too ……” Yue Buqun said!

“Mr. Chen, look at the top of the gate ……”

At this time, Liu Rui pointed to the top of the gate and said to Kai.

The crowd looked up and found that on the gate, there was a plum blossom like shape, and this plum blossom shape was not carved on, but cut out.

Kai always leapt, his body rose into the air, and then he reached the plum blossom-shaped groove. Kai looked at the smooth surface, and it was obvious that it was artificially chiselled out!

“Could this be where the mechanism is?”

Kai stroked the groove “But what do I need to open it?”

“Mr. Chen, it looks like the sudden appearance of such a groove on this smooth door should be a secret lock or something, there should be a key of the same shape, put it on it and the door should be able to open.”

The divine calculator also rose up in the air and surveyed the groove and said!


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