A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2360

Just as Kai and the others were repairing, above the abyss, Leng Wu Dao and the others had also chased them to this place, looking at the bottomless abyss, Leng Wu Dao’s face was filled with gloom!

“You say that Kai and the others are in this place?”

Leng Wu Dao asked as he looked at the divine calculator’s eldest disciple.

“Master Leng, I counted that they are here, since there is no one here, they should have gone down into this place ……”

The divine Reckoning’s eldest disciple said!

Tong Ocean looked towards the abyss, followed by a divine sense striking into it, only to find that the divine sense was instantly cut off, unable to detect the situation inside the abyss at all!

Then he picked up a stone and threw it down towards the abyss, but he couldn’t hear any sound either!

“Within this abyss, the Yin Qi is heavy and it is deep, that Kai and the others wouldn’t be stupid enough to jump down, right?”

Tong Ocean was a little less convinced.

“I think so, they couldn’t have jumped straight into such an unfathomable abyss just to avoid us, and I feel that within this abyss, there is a very strong dangerous aura!”

Leng Wu Dao did not believe that Kai and the others would jump down either!

The first disciple of the Divine Reckoning, upon hearing this, hurriedly said, “Master Leng, then Kai and the others must be in this place, and there is no way to hide anyone here, since there is no sign of them, then they have jumped into this place, I can guarantee that ……”

The eldest disciple of the Divine Calculus was afraid that Leng Wu Dao and the others wouldn’t trust him, if they didn’t trust him and had no more use for him, he knew what the consequences would be for him!

“You don’t need to be nervous, I believe in your divination skills, since you are the divine Reckoning’s great disciple, you must have received his true transmission!”

Leng Wu Dao said as he stepped forward and patted the divine Reckoner’s great disciple on the shoulder.

Seeing this, the divine Reckoning’s great disciple secretly let out a sigh of relief.

But before he could finish this sigh of relief, he was directly pushed into the abyss by Leng Wu Dao!

“Since you said that they jumped down, then go down and find out for me ……”

Leng Wu Dao looked at the descending figure of the divine Calculus’ eldest disciple and said with a cold smile!

“Ah …………”

The divine Reckoning’s eldest disciple was filled with horror as he screamed piteously!

At this moment, when Kai and the others had finished recuperating, and those injured Divination Gang disciples, had recovered, and were about to continue their journey, they heard a scream coming from overhead!

Immediately afterwards a figure landed in front of them. Seeing this, Yue Buqun and Divine Reckoning leapt straight up and stopped the man back and forth!

After the Grand Disciple of the Divine Reckoning landed, he was still glad to be alive when he saw two shadows attacking him!

When he saw who was coming, he instantly broke into a cold sweat of shock and fell to his knees with a poof!

“Master, Master …………”

The divine Reckoning’s eldest disciple knelt down in front of the divine Reckoning!

And when the Divine Abbot saw that it was his eldest disciple, he instantly burst into flames!

“You traitor, you still have the face to call me master, I’ll clean up today ……”

After the Divine Calculus finished speaking, he slapped his palm towards his eldest disciple!

But Kai took a healthy step and grabbed the Divine Reckoning’s wrist “Master Divine Reckoning, let’s ask for clarification first ……”

The Divine Calculus heard this and said with a cold face “Bastard, tell me, where are Leng Wu Dao and the others? Did they jump down too?”

“No, they didn’t dare to jump down, they pushed me down to explore the way ……”

“Master, I’m wrong, I’m really wrong, please spare me this time ……”

The great disciple of the Divine Calculus desperately begged for mercy.

“Looks like we need to hurry up and get going, if these guys jump down and run into each other, we’ll be in trouble ……”

Kai didn’t want to follow Leng Wu Dao and the others here and start a conflict for now!

He wanted to put all his energy into exploring this abyss, and maybe get some opportunities in this abyss!

“Alright, let’s go ……”

After the divine Calculus finished speaking, without hesitation, he slapped a palm on his eldest disciple’s head, instantly killing him!

Not a single person in the crowd looked away, but left quickly!


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