A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2359

“What the …… hell is going on here?”

The Divine Calculus and also Yue Buqun had a confused look on their faces!

Kai was also frowning at the moment, he was also unclear as to what was going on, could it be that he had forced out the fire phoenix and scared those demonic beasts away?

But it was impossible for the fire phoenix to have appeared and for the birds to have disappeared in an instant.

Kai wanted to ask the old man, but when he saw the skull, he found that the crystal skull had fallen to the ground, without a trace of lustre, as if it had lost its power.

Helpless, Kai could only put the skull away for the time being, and then thought carefully about the scene that had just happened!

“What we just encountered shouldn’t be any real demonic beasts, but rather Yin Qi illusions, and now those demonic beasts have reincarnated into Yin Qi and are filling our surroundings, so we can’t detect them at all!”

Kai said after thinking for a moment!

This was the only possibility now, otherwise there was no way to explain it, where did the densely packed LiBirds go just now?

And where did the corpses of those birds go?

“Right, Mr. Chen’s analysis should be good, there shouldn’t be any demonic beasts that can survive in this kind of environment.”

Yue Buqun nodded his head, also agreeing more with Kai’s view!

At this moment, the Divine Reckoner looked at the disciples who had fallen to the ground and were constantly wailing, with a heartfelt look on his face!

But in this situation, there was no way to heal them!

“Disciples, I hope you don’t blame your master, instead of suffering like this, it’s better to die in pain ……”

With that, the Divine Reckoner intended to kill those seriously injured Divination Gang disciples!

After all, it was impossible for them to take these seriously injured disciples with them now in a place like this, and it would be even more cruel and painful to leave these disciples here to fend for themselves!

But just as the Divine Calculus made his move, Kai stopped him with one hand!

“Mr. Chen, they are suffering so much, why don’t you give them a painful death ……”

The Divine Reckoning said with a face of grief!

“Master Divine Reckoning, although they are seriously injured, they are not fatal, they are all superficial injuries, they can be healed soon!”

Kai said, and then asked, “Which one of you has herbs with you, bring them out ……”

The divine calculator looked at Kai and said with a surprised look on his face “Mr. Chen, do you still know how to heal and save people? You are a medicine master?”

“Master Divine Calculus, Mr. Chen is not only a medicine master, he is a senior alchemist, even Bao Yukun of the Pill Refining Sect is nothing in front of Mr. Chen!”

Yue Buqun said to the Divine Calculus.

Upon hearing this, the Divine Calculus was even more shocked and couldn’t help but survey Kai, who at his young age, had simply shocked him time and time again with the tactics he had displayed!

The crowd quickly pulled out a pile of medicinal herbs, after all, in this secret realm, the last thing that was in short supply was medicinal herbs, so the crowd all picked some and brought them with them!

Kai didn’t say anything, and directly took out the Divine Peasant Cauldron from his storage ring and began to refine pills.

Such serious superficial wounds could not be simpler for Kai, and he soon made a medicinal ointment and had Shen Nong Cauldron apply it to those seriously injured disciples!

The wounds on those disciples who could not be accounted for were healing at a speed visible to the naked eye, a miraculous effect that shocked the Divine Reckoner once again!

“While we’re at it, I’ll teach everyone an incantation to prevent it from affecting your sanity because of the overwhelming Yin Qi!”

Kai finished and passed on the Clear Heart Incantation to everyone!

Kai didn’t know what would happen as he continued to go deeper and deeper, and if the Yin Qi was too strong by then, even with the copper coins he had refined, it might not be able to protect the mind, so Kai passed on the Clear Heart Incantation to the crowd!

As he recited the incantation that Kai had passed on, the Divine Reckoner stood frozen on the spot, his mouth hanging open, because only he knew that this Clear Heart Incantation was a very advanced incantation, and Kai had taught it to others so easily!


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