A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2358

“It is enough to shine, the next path, we walk by ourselves ……”

Kai said, looked at Yue Buqun and others, “Patriarch Yue, the danger within this abyss is particularly strong, you all have to be careful, don’t get separated ……”

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At this point, Kai and the others did not know how many metres they had gone underground. Anyway, as they went deeper and deeper, the Yin Qi became thicker and thicker.

Seeing this, Kai then took the crowd’s copper coins back, and then as the power of the Taoist divine dragon, followed by inscribing a talisman on the coins.

When the crowd was carrying the bronze coins on their bodies, they instantly felt much fresher!

The strength that Kai had shown had left the divine calculator increasingly amazed.

“Mr. Chen, we don’t know how far we’ve gone, how long we’ve been walking, this place has been so dead and silent, and we haven’t seen any danger exist, we just don’t know when will it end?”

The Divine Calculus asked Kai.

After all, with this kind of dark environment, coupled with the gloomy atmosphere, if one stays in this kind of environment for a long time, one would probably go crazy!

“Let’s walk a little further and see ……” Kai didn’t know when this would be the end of the walk!

But just as Kai’s words finished, the originally illuminated skull suddenly became dim.

“What’s going on?”

The crowd was all startled by the sudden blackness before their eyes.

And Kai’s face changed “Everyone be careful ……”

Just as Kai finished speaking, a gust of cloudy wind blew by, followed by chirping sounds!

It sounded like a flock of birds were flying towards them!

Because there was no light, the crowd could only feel the air around them begin to surge, as if all that yin energy had come to life!

Then countless eagle-beaked birds with sharp beaks flew out from the gusts of Yin Qi and attacked Kai!

At the first moment, Kai unleashed his invincible golden body, his whole body was covered with thick golden scales, so that the birds could not hurt him at all!

But the others were miserable, although everyone was desperately resisting, and a strong wind was blowing, forming a wall of wind!

But the number of birds was so great that people were constantly being pecked and wounded. Although one peck was not enough to kill them, the dense crowd of birds made the low-cultivation divination disciples bleed and wail.

“A bunch of annoying beasts ……”

Yue Buqun and the Divine Reckoner, on the other hand, were desperately attacking, with a constant stream of Knight Birds dropping in front of them!

But to this dense, swarming flock of Knight Birds, this amount of death and injury was nothing!

Kai also wielded the Dragon Chopper Sword, and swung out a sword blade continuously.

Faced with the small but numerous birds, everyone had a feeling of being unable to exert their strength!

More and more screams were heard, and more and more of the Divination Gang’s disciples fell down!

Seeing this, Kai put away his Dragon Cutting Sword, and the fire phoenix’s mark above his forehead flashed, followed as a burst of golden light, a golden light slowly rose into the air, and then transformed into a huge fire phoenix, flashing its wings!

Kai knew that this fire phoenix was the lord of thousands of demonic beasts, and when the fire phoenix appeared, these demonic beasts should be cowed, or even bow down and submit!

However, when the fire phoenix hovered above the crowd and illuminated the area, the crowd realised that there was no Li-bird in front of them, and there were no Li-bird corpses on the ground!

There was nothing around, not even a single one in sight, but those Divination Gang disciples who had fallen to the ground, covered in blood, were indeed there, which proved that they had indeed been attacked!


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