A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2357

Kai walked to the edge of the abyss, then looked down towards the bottom, only to see that it was so dark inside that he could not see anything, but the eerie aura was so unsettling!

A strand of golden light flashed across Kai’s forehead as he tried to use his divine sense to probe what was inside the abyss, only unfortunately Kai’s divine sense was instantly cut off just as he entered the abyss, and he dared not to probe inside!

“Mr. Chen, Leng Wu Dao and the others are almost catching up ……”

The Divine Calculus walked up to Kai and said in a small voice.

Kai turned his head and glanced at it, then said to the Divine Reckoning “Master Divine Reckoning, do you have any talisman stones, jade pearls or the like on you?”

“What is Mr. Chen looking for those things for?” The Divine Reckoning asked, puzzled.

“The Yin Qi within this abyss is too heavy, I’m afraid that some people won’t be able to resist it, so I need to refine something that can avoid Yin Qi invasion and distribute it to everyone ……”

Kai explained.

“Mr. Chen, I only have copper coins, is that alright?”

The divine Reckoner pulled out a handful of copper coins and said.

“Yes!” Kai took a look at it, then took the copper coins and immediately afterwards a stream of divine dragon power began to be sealed within those copper coins by Kai!

It only took a few minutes for the bronze coins to all be refined and then distributed to the crowd!

“You must wear this bronze coin on your body, or else after a long time, your body may not be able to withstand the Yin Qi ……”

Kai barked at the crowd!

The crowd took the copper coin, only to feel that the cold copper coin actually carried temperature, just like a small fireplace, warm in the hand!

“Everyone be careful, because we don’t know what dangers there are in this abyss, so don’t get separated.”

“All follow me closely, it’s best if everyone can find a rope to hold on to, otherwise if we get separated, I’m afraid that within this abyss, we simply won’t be able to find ……”

Kai reminded.

After saying this, Kai turned around and jumped into the abyss, while the others followed closely behind, none of them afraid!

Kai only felt that his body was falling, and the whirring nether wind rang in his ears.

Kai didn’t know how long he had been falling, but when he felt his feet hit the ground, he knew he had landed at the bottom of the abyss!

A faint spirit fire burned in Kai’s palm, trying to give a glimmer of light within the dark abyss, but the spirit fire pulsed and only burned for a moment before it unexpectedly went out.

Kai tried several times, but the spirit fire could not burn here at all!

“This place is all filled with Yin and Fury Qi, how can your spirit fire burn ……”

With an old voice ringing out, Kai’s surroundings instantly became brighter!

Kai saw that the crystal skull was emitting a dazzling white light that illuminated his surroundings like daylight!

“You didn’t leave?” Kai was a little surprised, obviously this skull had fallen into the abyss on its own long ago, so why was it still here?

“I was waiting for you to see if you kid had the courage to jump down ……”

The skull opened its mouth and said with an old voice.

Soon, Yue Buqun, the Divine Calculus and others also fell down, although the abyss was deep, but no one was hurt!

After all, they were already Martial God level experts, so this height was not difficult at all!

But this thick Yin Qi made many of them a bit unbearable, their bodies couldn’t stop shivering, luckily they had the bronze coins given by Kai, otherwise someone would have turned into a rotting corpse by now as the Yin Qi invaded their bodies!

Yue Buqun and the others all felt very puzzled when they saw that the crystal skull was even there, and it was emitting a white glow that illuminated the surroundings!

“Since you’ve entered here, the next step is up to your own destiny, I can’t help you with anything other than illuminating you, it’s all up to you ……”

The skull slowly spoke.


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