A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2356

Even if the Divine Calculus stayed behind with the Divination Gang, they would never be a match for Leng Wu Dao and the others, after all, the difference in strength was too great!

After Kai finished speaking, he broke a branch with his hand and began to draw various patterns on the ground!

As the patterns began to shine, a spell formation was laid out by Kai.

The Divine Reckoner was a little surprised to see how easily Kai laid out the spell formation, he did not expect Kai’s formation techniques to be so powerful!

After laying down the spell formation, Kai led the crowd away quickly!

Soon, Leng Wu Dao and the others arrived at the place, and looking at the ground with signs of having rested, a cold smile appeared on Leng Wu Dao’s face.

“They can’t get away ……”

Having said that, Leng Wu Dao took the lead and led his men to start the pursuit!

But just as they took two steps, the earth trembled violently, followed by the trees around them as if they had come to life, one by one the trees began to rotate wildly around Leng Wu Dao and the others, blocking the path of Leng Wu Dao and the others!

“Humph, a small spell formation, still want to stop us people, it’s a joke ……”

Leng Wu Dao coldly snorted, and with a wave of his palm, a tsunami of powerful qi instantly swept out in front of him!

The mountains, rocks and trees were turned into powder, and soon the formation was broken!

But Kai did not expect his formation to trap Leng Wu Dao and the others, as long as the formation could delay them for a while, it would be fine!

After a night’s rush, Kai led Yue Buqun and the others to the location marked on the treasure map!

Looking at the bottomless gorge in front of him, Kai’s brow furrowed slightly, as he could clearly feel a dangerous aura emerging from the gorge!

The gully was bottomless, stretching for dozens of miles, with no end in sight, and it was pitch-black, as if it was a passage to the abyss of hell!

Moreover, the stone walls on both sides of the gully were incomparably smooth, not like they were naturally formed at all, but more like someone had split them with a sword.

“Mr. Chen, what the hell is this? Why do I feel eerie and very scary?”

Liu Rui asked to Kai.

“I don’t know ……” Kai also had no idea what kind of person place this was, he only remembered that this was the place marked on the treasure map!

At this moment, a light suddenly flashed across Kai’s chest, followed by a transparent skull slowly appearing in mid-air!

Seeing this scene, everyone was startled and on guard!

“Hahahaha, finally, this is it, this is it ……”

The skull actually spoke!

“Mr. Chen, who is this?” Yue Buqun looked at the transparent skull and asked Kai.

Kai shook his head “I don’t know who he is either ……”

Hearing Kai’s answer, Yue Buqun and the divine calculator were both a bit speechless, it turned out that Kai didn’t know who the other party was at all and had brought it here, if the other party had any intention, wouldn’t that be a problem?

The skull seemed to see the people’s thoughts, so it laughed and said “Within this abyss, there are endless treasures, it depends on whether you dare to go down ……”

After saying that, the skull actually flew into the abyss and was soon swallowed up by the darkness within the abyss!

This time, Kai and Yue Buqun several people looked at each other, not knowing what to do!

Kai could clearly feel the danger within the abyss, but he also knew that often, great opportunities come with danger!

Now it was up to them to decide if they had the guts, as the saying goes, if a man has the guts, the earth has the guts!

“Master Divine Calculation, Patriarch Yue, what do we do?”

Kai knew that if he broke into the abyss, it would definitely be dangerous and he might lose his life, so he had to seek the advice of the Divine Calculus and Yue Buqun!

“Mr. Chen, we listen to you, if you say enter, we won’t hesitate ……”

“Yes, Mr. Chen, just ask ……”

Divine Calculus and Yue Buqun said!


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