A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2352

“Hmph, a mere spell formation, also want to trap old me, I guess they forgot what old me is doing.”

After the divine Reckoner finished speaking, his finger pinched, and suddenly the clear sky turned into a dense black cloud, followed by a few lightning bolts streaking through!

The lightning struck the spell formation that Kai had laid, instantly shattering Kai’s spell formation into pieces, and those chains of aura that bound the Divine Reckoner also disappeared at this moment!

“This kind of small spell formation, how can it possibly stop Master, Master is the one who is able to peep into the heavenly dao and change his fate against the heavens ……”

“That’s right, even the heavens listen to Master, these guys still think they can get away!”

“I’m afraid that Master’s divination skills are unmatched under the heavens ……”

A group of the diviner’s disciples began to brag to the diviner.

“Alright, all shut up, this is just a small skill of carving insects for my master, how can I follow the heavenly battle ……”

The divine Abbot reprimanded his disciples, but inside he was overjoyed!

Who doesn’t like to be patted on the back and blown up?

And at this moment, Kai, who was picking herbs, suddenly his body shook and his brow furrowed!

“Bad, the spell formation has been broken, someone has broken in, Patriarch Yue is in danger ……”

Kai secretly screamed a bad cry, before his body flashed and he quickly ran backwards!

But at this time the divine calculator with his disciples had already found the cave, looking at Liu Xing Liu Rui who was guarding outside the cave, the divine calculator coldly smiled “I really found it, it really is hidden here ……”

And Liu Xing and Liu Rui when they saw that the divine calculator had brought people here, their faces became a bit ugly and their expressions tensed up!

Now Yue Buqun had not fully recovered and Kai was no longer here, if the Divine Reckoning made a move, the two of them would not be a match at all!

“Master Divine Calculus, our two families have no enmity, why do you have to drive them to extinction? Moreover, my master is also respectful to Master Divine Calculus.”

Liu Xing stepped forward and politely followed the Divine Reckoning and said.

“Master Divine Reckoning is the one who sees the heavenly opportunity, he is considered half a god, how can you follow those vulgar people like Leng Wu Dao, this will lose your status!”

Liu Rui also hurriedly said.

They knew that the divine calculator liked to listen to others praise themselves, and also said all the time that he was a reincarnation of an immortal, a half immortal!

With no other choice, Liu Xing and Liu Rui could only flatter the Divine Abbot to see if they could fool him away!

When the Divine Abbot heard Liu Xing and Liu Rui’s praise, he was indeed smiling “I have long heard that Yue Buqun’s two disciples are particularly well-behaved and understanding, and when I saw them today, they really live up to their reputation ……”

“I am looking for, not to kill your master, I just want to meet that Kai, this kid makes me interested ……”

Liu Xing and Liu Rui were relieved to see the Divine Calculus say this, as long as they weren’t here to kill them!

If the Divine Calculus moved to kill at this time, the two of them couldn’t stop it, and Yue Buqun was afraid that he would definitely die!

“Master Shen Chuan, since you are here to find Mr. Chen, then please come in ……”

At this moment, Yue Buqun’s voice rang out from within the cave!

Upon hearing this, the Divine Calculus took a step towards the cave!

But one of the disciples stopped the Abbot and said, “Master, be careful there is a trick ……”

The divine calculator froze for a moment, but Yue Buqun’s voice came out again from inside the cave “Master divine calculator is able to foretell, whether there is a fraud or not, master divine calculator already knows it in his heart, am I right?”

As soon as the Divine Reckoning heard this, he immediately glared at his disciple and said, “Get lost, is there any fraud, do I still not know?”

After reprimanding his disciple, the Divine Abbot stepped into the cave!

“Master Divine Calculus, have a seat ……”

Seeing the divine calculator walk in, Yue Buqun said politely.


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