A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2351


Kyoto Protector’s Court!

Mr. Shi was writing something on his desk when his hand suddenly shook and a stain appeared on top of his originally neat handwriting!

Mr. Shi put the brush down in his hand, slowly got up and walked out of the room!

Looking up at the night sky, Mr. Shi muttered, “What’s coming is coming after all, Kai, are you ready?”

After saying that, Mr. Shi’s body flashed away like a shooting star, directly across the night sky, and finally landed in a courtyard!

Although it was very late in the day, within this courtyard, the lights were bright and several girls were sweating profusely as they practiced!

When they saw Mr. Shi’s arrival, they all stood to one side respectfully!

When Mr. Shi saw this, he nodded in satisfaction.

“Mr. Shi, I didn’t expect you to be resting at this late hour ……”

A girl wearing a white dress with delicate features walked over and said.

This girl was Ji Ruxue, and several other girls, who were also the women around Kai.

Xiao Lan, Xiao Min, Ge Jiayi …………

Each of them, had received the gongfu inherited from Mr. Shi, and still, the gongfu they practiced was not the same according to the characteristics of each of them!

“There is not much time left for you all, if you want to stay by Kai’s side, you have to work hard ……”

“Perhaps in the near future, Kai will leave this land and go to a more vast place.”

“He has his responsibilities, and you guys can’t be a stumbling block for him, understand?”

Mr Shi said with a serious face!

“Don’t worry Mr. Shi, we will try our best, for Kai’s sake, we are willing to give everything we have ……”

Ji Ru Xue said with a determined face!

Mr. Shi smiled in satisfaction and his figure instantly disappeared!

“Sisters, let’s continue, to follow Kai, we have to improve our strength to do so ……”

Ji Ru Xue finished speaking, and several girls continued to start their cultivation!


Within the secret territory, Yue Buqun could finally settle down to cultivate after two days of calming down!

Liu Xing and Liu Rui were guarding Yue Buqun!

Kai, on the other hand, went out to find some medicinal herbs to make pills for Yue Buqun, so that he could recover faster!

Otherwise, if he stayed here for a long time, the old man in Kai’s body would nag him all day long and annoy him to no end!

But just as Kai was leaving the cave to collect the pills, a group of people were approaching the cave!

The leader of the group was the diviner of the Divination Gang!

The Divine Reckoner could see that he was pinching his fingers and changing directions!

“Master, are you sure that Yue Buqun and the others are nearby? It’s been several days, they should have escaped far away long ago.”

A Divination Gang disciple asked.

“Shut up, how dare you question Master’s divination skills, do you not want to live anymore ……”

Another Divination Gang disciple shouted a rebuke!

“They’re not far away, they’ll be here soon ……”

At this moment, the Divine Reckoning spoke up!

After Kai and the others had escaped, the Divine Reckoner had actually secretly and secretly started divining Kai’s location!

Regarding Kai’s identity, the Divine Reckoner was curious as to what kind of person could command so many demonic beasts!

There was also that Kai’s aura realm was not high, but the strength that he really exuded was, well, astonishing!

So the Divine Calculus was becoming more and more curious about Kai!

While Leng Wu Dao and the others were not pursuing Kai, the Divine Reckoning figured out Kai’s position and hurriedly brought his disciples to find him!

But just as the Divine Reckoning was approaching the cave with his disciples, a light pattern suddenly lit up, followed by several aura chains that instantly came out and wrapped around the Divine Reckoning and the others, binding them to their movements!

The Divine Reckoner and his disciples were all startled, they had not expected that there would be a spell formation here, but it seemed that the Divine Reckoner’s divination was correct, Kai and the others were definitely not far ahead!


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