A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2348

“Don’t bullshit with him, leave this kid to me, I’ll kill him myself ……”

Leng Wu Dao stepped forward and then urged Yao Qing!

Kai looked at Leng Wu Dao and sneered “Ignorant fellow, since you have decided that I have killed your son, I have nothing to say.”

“But to be able to raise a son who is not male or female, you are also a talent ……”

Kai’s words instantly poked Leng Wu Dao’s soft spot, knowing that his son’s nature was a pain in his life, and was laughed at behind his back by many people!

Now that Kai had dared to humiliate him in public, Leng Wu Dao was going to be furious!

“Kid, today I’m going to break you into pieces ……”

A terrifying aura erupted from Leng Wu Dao’s body, his anger had made his eyes scarlet!

“Then let’s give it a try ……”

As Kai finished speaking, a strange cry suddenly emitted from his mouth!

Listening to that sound, it sounded like an animal’s cry, but it didn’t, a low sound that carried far away in this dark night!

This sudden strange behaviour of Kai caused everyone to stare, not understanding what this Kai was doing!

Leng Wu Dao looked at Kai and frowned slightly “What are you shouting about?”

But Kai didn’t pay any attention to him, the sound coming out of his mouth became louder and louder, and along with the sound, a golden light slowly rose from Kai’s forehead!

The whole dark night was illuminated as bright as day, and the golden light actually emitted a terrifying demonic beast aura!

The aura spread out so rapidly that it instantly covered a distance of tens of miles!

Looking at the golden light that slowly rose above Kai’s head, everyone was frozen!

But at that moment, the earth began to tremble violently, as if an earthquake had struck, shaking people a little unsteadily!

This was followed by a rumbling sound, as if coming from the sky, getting closer and closer ……

It wasn’t until the sound reached their eyes that the crowd saw that a black mass of demonic beasts were hissing and rushing towards them!

All sorts of demonic beasts, as if they were coming in a frenzy!

At this moment, everyone was stunned, they had never seen such a scene before!

“Roar …………”

A giant lion roared, and all the demonic beasts roared after it!

At this moment some of the timid ones had already started to turn their heads and run, facing so many demonic beasts, eventually some people’s heart defenses collapsed.

“Don’t be disorderly everyone, gather around, these demon beast pellets are a good resource ……”

Leng Wu Dao shouted!

People die for money and birds die for food, when Leng Wu Dao said the beast pellets, some people who wanted to run, also changed their minds, there were quite a few of them, these sects added together, following these demon beasts could also fight!

The main thing was that there were so many demon beasts that could produce many beast pills.

These people, Leng Wu Dao, began to close in tightly and took up a fighting stance!

At this point no one was bothering about Kai and Yue Buqun and the others, after all, so many demonic beasts, even if they stepped on them, they could still trample Kai and the others to death!

Yue Buqun and Liu Xing Liu Rui’s faces turned green as they saw the black press of demonic beasts rushing towards their side!

Liu Xing Liu Rui was tightly protecting Yue Buqun, they only hoped that these demonic beasts wouldn’t trample on their master!

“Sovereign Yue, don’t be afraid, these demonic beasts are all my little brothers, they won’t hurt you ……”

Kai said!

“Your little brother?” Yue Buqun and Liu Xing Liu Rui all looked at Kai in surprise.

Kai laughed and did not explain, but waved his hand, “Charge me, bite these bastards to death ……”

Leng Wu Dao and the others looked at Kai, thinking that Kai was crazy, facing the attack of the demonic beasts, but he was still in the mood to tell jokes!

But soon, a scene that shocked them appeared, as soon as those demonic beasts, when they reached Kai and them, suddenly parted a channel and did not attack Kai and them!

Instead, they roared and directly pounced on Leng Wu Dao and the others, which made even Yue Bu Qun and the few of them speechless with shock!


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