A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2346

The Pure Yang Sect’s compound!

By now, the place was already a sea of corpses and blood, the Pure Yang Sect disciples were almost dead and wounded, the rest had all exploded themselves, only some of those who were seriously injured and could not move were emitting weak breaths!

Liu Xing and Liu Rui stood in front of Yue Buqun, although they knew that with their strength, it was impossible for them to stop Yao Qing, but neither of them retreated!

“Yue Buqun, I quite admire you for being able to bring out so many loyal disciples, once I have killed them all, I will come and absorb all your strength!”

Yao Qing had a cold smile on his face as a burst of black mist surrounded his palms, then he struck out towards Liu Xing and Liu Rui!

Liu Xing and Liu Rui knew they were dead, but there was no fear or retreat on their faces, instead they exploded the last of their strength within their bodies and prepared to meet death!

But just as Yao Qing’s palms came out, suddenly from not far away, a blinding light suddenly lit up, just like a sun suddenly rising in the darkness of the night!

Immediately afterwards, a tsunami of raging air was felt, speeding up, and everywhere it passed, trees and rocks were turned into powder, leaving a deep ravine in the ground!

Yue Buqun and the others were stunned, then looked at the blinding light with a few moments of confusion in their eyes!

Yao Qing’s face changed and his palms, which were originally attacking Liu Xing and Liu Rui, instantly changed direction and pushed hard in front of him!

A majestic aura rushed out, and then it collided with the blinding light!

Boom …………

The sound was like a nuclear explosion, followed by a mushroom cloud rising up all around, and the huge wave of air directly lifted all the people around it out of the way!

Even Yao Qing was backed up and fell back a dozen meters before he could stabilize himself!

When the smoke and dust cleared, Kai’s figure slowly appeared!

Kai was holding the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand, and his eyes were filled with rage!

That blinding light just now was just a sword aura from Kai’s sword cut!

“It was you kid?” Yao Qing was a little surprised, he didn’t expect Kai to be able to explode with that much power!

“Mr. Chen ……”

Yue Buqun and Liu Xing Liu Rui, after seeing that it was Kai, there was a glimmer of hope in their eyes!

“Patriarch Yue, are you alright?”

Kai bent down and put one hand on Yue Buqun’s shoulder, a stream of spiritual energy instantly entered Yue Buqun’s body!

Yue Buqun smiled lightly and said “It’s fine, I can’t die yet ……”

After inputting spiritual energy to Yue Buqun, Kai took out the Flaming Tiger’s beast elixir and handed it to Yue Buqun, “Patriarch Yue, this is a demon beast beast elixir, you can swallow it and it will allow you to recover quickly.”

Yue Buqun took the beast pellet and was shocked inwardly, because just by looking at the beast pellet, he knew that the strength of this demonic beast must be very strong!

Yue Buqun swallowed the beast pellet, and a warm current instantly rose up in his body, and his depleted strength, at this moment, had recovered a lot!

“Mr. Chen, have you recovered your strength?”

Liu Rui asked as she turned to Kai.

According to the strike Kai had just made, Kai’s strength should have reached its peak.

Kai nodded “En, I have recovered, you two take Patriarch Yue and leave immediately, I will hold it for you here.”

Kai knew that although he had just repelled Yao Qing with his powerful strike, but if he really had to fight, Kai would not necessarily be a match for Yao Qing!

What’s more, there were so many disciples of the Burning Heaven Sect behind Yao Qing, if these people surrounded him, Kai knew he had no chance of winning!

So he told Liu Xing and Liu Rui to take Yue Buqun away, so Kai could find a chance to escape, although he couldn’t beat them, but escape, Kai was still sure of himself!

“Mr. Chen, you …………”

Yue Buqun knew that although Kai had regained his strength, he could not possibly be a match for that Yao Qing!


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