A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2345

“Hmph, carved insects and small skills ……”

Yao Qing snorted coldly as his hands slashed across the void, and instantly, a huge black hole appeared in the void!

Yue Buqun’s attacks were actually all sucked in by that huge black hole!

It didn’t cause any damage to Yao Qing!

On the contrary, Yao Qing swung his palm out and a huge black palm print appeared, striking Yue Buqun’s chest heavily!

Yue Buqun spat out blood and instantly fell to the ground!

“Master …………”

Liu Xing and Liu Rui saw this and hurriedly went forward to help Yue Buqun up!

Yue Buqun’s face was pale and his breath was weak!

He had just used his Flaming Spear with all his might, but it hadn’t hurt Yao Qing even a little bit.

“Xing’er, Rui’er, you two find a chance to escape, don’t go to other sects, it seems that they guys really want to kill us!”

“Remember, leave this place, leave the Hidden Realm, find a place to live a normal life, with your strength, you can live a good life at all!”

Yue Buqun said to Liu Xing and Liu Rui.

“Master, we won’t leave, we will never leave you even if we die!”

Liu Rui cried out as she looked at Yue Buqun!

“Master, you and senior sister go, I will stop them.”

Liu Xing said with firm eyes.

“You won’t be able to stop them at all, don’t get killed for nothing, you guys go now!”

Yue Buqun absolutely fought to the death to give Liu Xing and Liu Rui a chance to escape!

“Master, I will explode myself later, you and senior sister take the opportunity to escape when I explode myself ……”

Liu Xing said.

Once they heard that Liu Xing was going to blow himself up, Yue Buqun and Liu Rui were all surprised!

“You guys should not be daydreaming, no one will be able to escape, even if you blow yourselves up, you will never have a chance to escape!”

Yao Qing said indifferently!

Yao Qing could hear the conversation of several people very clearly!

But just as Yao Qing’s words fell, there was a deafening sound at the side, and the waves of Qi swept through the sky like a tsunami!

It turned out that some disciples of the Pure Yang Sect had started to explode themselves.

“Master, you guys go, we’ll stop them ……”

At this moment, a blood-soaked disciple of the Pure Yang Sect shouted to Yue Buqun, and after he finished speaking, the body of this disciple of the Pure Yang Sect instantly bulged like a ball!

This was immediately followed by another loud sound, like a bomb exploding.

Watching his disciples, one by one, choose to explode themselves in order to cover their own escape, Yue Buqun’s heart was like a knife!

When Yao Qing saw this, he recited a spell under his breath, and a huge black hole suddenly appeared in the pitch-black sky. The Qi waves and after-effects emitted by those Pure Yang Sect disciples who blew themselves up were all sucked up by that black hole.

“As I said, it is useless to explode yourself, none of you can escape today ……”

Yao Qing finished his speech and walked towards Yue Buqun step by step!

And at this time, Kai, who was resting, was awakened by the sound of this self-explosion, followed by a flash of Kai’s body, which directly disappeared in the same place!

Not far away, those sect quarters all came out of their tents and looked at the strange sky!

“These people from the Pure Yang Sect, they’re all crazy, they actually blew themselves up one after another ……”

“Ai, how did the Pure Yang Sect end up like this?”

“After so many years together, isn’t it a bit too much for us to do this?”

“I wonder what our fate will be in the future ah?”

Some people started to pity the Pure Yang Clan!

“You guys shouldn’t be here pretending to lament, when it’s time to divide the resources and share the treasures, you won’t be seen taking a little less.”

“I reckon the battle should be over, let’s go over and take a look ……”

Leng Wu Dao led the crowd and headed towards the Pure Yang Clan’s compound!

To know that these people from the Pure Yang Clan have started to choose to blow themselves up, that proves that the battle is in its final stage!

According to the tragedy of that self-destruction, it was estimated that there wouldn’t be many people left in that Burning Heaven Sect!


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