A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2344

“Whether it’s true or not, we’ll know in a moment, let’s see if someone will come to your rescue in a moment ……”

After saying that, Yao Qing palm upwards, the pitch black sky became even darker, a burst of horrible and eerie aura, began to slowly diffuse out!

“Kill …………”

Those from the Burning Heaven Sect, armed with weapons, shouted as they charged towards the disciples of the Pure Yang Sect!

The Pure Yang Sect disciples did not show any weakness either, both sides instantly fought and killed each other, wailing sounds instantly resounded throughout the night sky!

Such sounds, in the silence of the night, could be heard far and wide!

Leng Wu Dao looked at the shouting and killing not far away, as well as the sky-rushing flames, and a satisfied smile appeared on his face!

“Brother Leng, do you really intend to let the Burning Heaven Sect take the place of the Pure Yang Sect?”

At this moment, Tong Ocean stepped forward and asked.

“And what do you mean?” Leng Wu Dao looked at Tong Ocean!

The two men looked at each other and suddenly smiled at each other!

“The mantis catches the cicada and the yellow bird is behind it ……”

Both of them uttered these words at the same time, followed by hahahaha laughter!

They were waiting for the time when the Burning Heaven Sect followed the Pure Yang Sect to kill the fish to death, and then they would strike to destroy the Burning Heaven Sect!

“That Yao Qing is a poorly bred wolf, I won’t leave such a person behind.”

Leng Wu Dao said with a faint smile.

“One more sect will have to take away some more resources, this Burning Heaven Sect should have been extinguished a long time ago, it’s enough to let them survive for so many more years!”

Tong Ocean had never thought of taking over the Burning Heaven Sect either, after all, the existence of an evil cultivator like the Burning Heaven Sect was like a time bomb around, threatening their safety at all times!

At this moment, the Pure Yang Sect’s premises had long since been filled with blood, with mutilated corpses everywhere, and everyone was red with murder!

Liu Xing and Liu Rui were covered in blood, and they couldn’t tell if it was their own or the enemy’s!

And Yao Qing followed Yue Buqun, by now the two had long gone through a hundred strokes!

Each move contained endless power, and the rocks and trees around them, hundreds of meters away, had long since been turned into powder!

“Yue Buqun, if you will meekly tie your hands and capture me, I can consider sparing these disciples of yours.”

Yao Qing said after forcing Yue Buqun back with a palm strike.

At this moment, Yue Buqun was panting heavily, and his forehead was even blue with veins as his body was rapidly losing energy!

Yue Buqun’s strength was still a bit inferior to Yao Qing’s!

“Yao Qing, how can I believe in the words of an evil cultivator like you? Even if my Pure Yang Sect were to die out, I would never submit to an evil cultivator like you.”

After saying that, Yue Buqun’s body emitted light, then he reached out and grabbed towards the void, soon a fiery red lance appeared, with hot flames on it, the flames rose up and reflected half of the sky!

“Flaming spear? I didn’t think you Pure Yang Clan were also guys who steal chickens and dogs ……”

“This Blazing Flame Gun was originally a treasure within the relics that should have belonged to all sects in the Hidden Realm, most but suddenly disappeared, I never thought it would be stolen by this seemingly honest fellow like you.”

Yao Qing said with a disdainful face after seeing the Flaming Spear in Yue Buqun’s hand.

“Bullshit, don’t spout blood, this Flaming Spear is originally a relic of my Pure Yang Sect, it is a relic of my ancestor, bullshit within the relics, that was made up by other sects spying on my Pure Yang Sect’s treasures.”

“Today, you Burning Heaven Sect killed so many of my disciples, I will cut you into pieces ……”

Yue Buqun’s body erupted with rage, looking at those of his disciples, dead and wounded, Yue Buqun’s heart was like a knife!

Boom …………

Yue Buqun’s spear struck out, the spear’s aura was like starlight, directly enveloping towards Yao Qing!

“Break ……”

Yue Buqun shouted, the spear was like a swimming dragon, it began to burst around, a huge wave of Qi, making Yao Qing unavoidable!


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