A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2342

“Do you think these demonic beasts really won’t attack me if I get up now?”

Kai was still a little worried, after all, there were so many demonic beasts, looking at him intently!

“Definitely not, just quickly take me to the place marked on the treasure map!”

The old man was getting a little anxious!

Kai still didn’t dare to get up and asked the old man, “Don’t lie to me, if I’m eaten by demonic beasts, there will be no one to take you there ……”

“Don’t worry, how could I lie to you, once you get up, I guess these demon beasts will shiver in fear!”

The old man urged Kai to get up!

Only then did Kai slowly stand up. Seeing that Kai had stood up, the demonic beasts holding him hurriedly took two steps backwards, causing a commotion!

“See, these demonic beasts are all afraid of you!”

The old man said to Kai!

Kai looked at the eyes of those demonic beasts, and they were indeed afraid of him, which settled Kai’s heart a little!

Kai then looked at the giant lion not far away, and then beckoned, “Come here ……”

He wanted to see if these demonic beasts would listen to him since they were his little brothers!

The giant lion was lying on the ground and rubbed itself a little bit in front of Kai.

Like a docile puppy!

This made Kai happy, so many demonic beasts were his own little brothers, then why was he still afraid of that Leng Wu Dao and those guys from the Hidden Realm?

Thinking of being chased and killed, remembering how badly he was beaten, Kai’s anger rose to his heart!

“I must take revenge ……”

Kai threw a fierce punch, and a boulder in the distance exploded into powder!

This scared the demonic beasts so much that they all trembled, thinking that Kai was going to make a move on them!

On the other hand, Kai looked at his fist and was somewhat frozen, he didn’t expect that his realm had actually increased during the time he was unconscious!

At this moment, Kai had already reached the Fourth Realm of the Divided God, which was the Fourth Grade Martial God!

With this, Kai could still put up a fight even if he met a Martial Emperor!

“This realm elevation is a little too random ……”

Kai didn’t expect that he had raised his realm while he was in a coma!

“You’ve absorbed the strength of hundreds of demonic beasts within you, if you don’t raise your realm before, then you’ll be too perverted ……”

The old man said breathlessly!

Only then did Kai remember that the old man had just told him that the fire phoenix had absorbed the strength of hundreds of demonic beasts, which had allowed Kai to awaken, and had allowed the power of the dragon and phoenix to fuse together without the suppression of the heavenly dao!

Although each demonic beast had only absorbed a portion of its strength, the strength of these hundreds of demonic beasts gathered together was not to be underestimated!

“With these demonic beasts, I don’t have to fear those guys from the Hidden Realm anymore ……”

Kai finished speaking and started walking towards the bottom of the mountain!

As soon as Kai walked, hundreds of demonic beasts followed behind him in a vast manner, as dust flew and trees flew across the ground!

Even the earth trembled and the whole mountain seemed to be shaking!

Seeing this, Kai hurriedly waved his hand and told all these demonic beasts to stop!

Although carrying these demonic beasts was very imposing, it would be impossible for Kai to hide from the eyes of others wherever he went!

Now that he had recovered his strength and had raised his realm, even if he encountered someone from the Hidden Realm, he would still be able to put up a fight, and if he couldn’t, he could easily escape!

For the time being, he did not need these demonic beasts to follow him, so Kai said loudly, “Disperse, I will summon you if necessary ……”

Kai’s words fell, and only then did the demonic beasts scatter and leave!

The first thing you need to do is to help the old man find the location marked on the map, and then we can talk about revenge!

But now that the giant lion had brought him here, he was far away from the place marked on the map, so Kai had to hurry as soon as possible.


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