A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2340

Hearing Yao Qing’s words, everyone was silent!

At this time, they could just deal with one Pure Yang Sect, if this Burning Heaven Sect also got involved, then it would definitely cause losses to the other sects!

Just as the crowd was silent, Bao Yukun of the Pill Refining Sect spoke up.

“I think what Yao Qing said isn’t unreasonable, this secret realm is big enough anyway, as long as they don’t practice evil arts in the future.”

“And let’s leave the extermination of the Pure Yang Sect to their Burning Heaven Sect, so that we don’t have to take action either, so as not to fall on deaf ears!”

Bao Yu Kun was speaking for Yao Qing!

“Letting the Burning Heaven Sect go and exterminate the Pure Yang Sect, that’s a good idea!”

Tong Ocean said!

Although the Pure Yang Sect was not strong, but if we really had to destroy it, there would still be losses, and no one would want to do such a thing, after all, if word got out later, it would have a bad reputation!

Even if word of this got out, the people would still be angry at the Burning Heaven Sect and would have nothing to do with other sects in the Hidden Realm!

“Yao Qing, let you destroy the Pure Yang Sect, do you promise? If you exterminate the Pure Yang Sect, then the position of the Pure Yang Sect can be taken by your Burning Heaven Sect instead!”

Leng Wu Dao asked.

“No problem, a mere Pure Yang Sect, I will exterminate him with a wave of my hand.”

Yao Qing nodded!

“Good then, when you have destroyed the Pure Yang Sect, we will discuss the matter of hunting demonic beasts, and dividing the land!”

Leng Wu Dao said.

Yao Qing’s figure began to fade more and more, and finally just disappeared!

If Leng Wu Dao knew that his son had been killed by someone from the Burning Heaven Sect, I wonder if he would still agree to this Yao Qing!


Kai was still unconscious at the top of the mountain!

The giant lion kept watch over him and never left his body, but this made the old man who was clinging to Kai’s body very anxious!

He had to hurry to find the place marked on the treasure map so that his soul could find it, and then he could tear through space and time and return to the Celestial Realm!

Once he returned to the Celestial Realm, he would be able to reshape his physical body and come back to life!

But now that Kai was unconscious, he could only be anxious!

At this moment, the fire phoenix mark on Kai’s forehead slowly began to shine out, followed by a golden glow that slowly rose up and finally transformed into a phoenix that roamed around Kai!

A vast aura emanated from the phoenix’s body, and when the giant lion, who had been guarding him, saw this, he bent down and let out a low roar, his eyes showing fear.

Immediately afterwards, the earth began to tremble and countless powerful auras began to gather around the mountain top!

Roars and hisses were heard all over the place!

In no time, hundreds of demonic beasts all ran over, one on top of the other, lying on the ground with terror in their eyes.

The fire phoenix flashed its wings and flew over the heads of these demonic beasts, who were so terrified that they didn’t even dare to raise their heads!

A light emanated from the top of each demonic beast’s head, followed by hundreds of rays of light converging on the body of the fire phoenix!

In an instant, the fire phoenix spread its wings and shook a few times, and instantly a bright golden light shot up into the sky, instantly illuminating the entire mountain peak like a round sun!

Hundreds of demonic beasts trembled as they felt the aura emanating from the fire phoenix, and even though the fire phoenix was sucking the power from the beast pellets of these demonic beasts, none of them dared to resist!

The earth trembled, light shone everywhere, and countless demonic beasts were lying on top of the mountain in blackness, if people had seen this, they would probably have died of fright.

One must know that these were all Martial God level demonic beasts, and there were even a few demonic beasts that had reached the peak of Martial God and were about to break through to Martial Emperor!

Even if all the people from the three sects and six schools of the Hidden Realm came, they would have to turn around and run in fear when they saw this scene before them!


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