A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2339

“I think this is a very good method from Master Leng, since that Pure Yang Sect is separated from us, then we must get rid of it, keeping it is a curse sooner or later!”

“Moreover, after destroying the Pure Yang Clan, all the resources of the Pure Yang Clan, everyone can still share a share.”

Tong Ocean spoke up, supporting Leng Wu Dao’s method!

Seeing that Tong Ocean had also spoken up, and that he would still be able to share the resources of the Pure Yang Sect equally, so the crowd was not silent!

“Kill, I’ve long looked at that Yue Buqun with displeasure ……”

“Destroy that Pure Yang Sect and keep that female disciple of his for me, every time I see that female disciple of his, I can’t help it!”

“The Pure Yang Sect has more than one female disciple, let’s all have fun then ……”

“Hahahahaha …………”

Amidst a flurry of laughter, the fate of the Pure Yang Sect was drawn up by these people!

At this moment, Yue Buqun, with the disciples of the Pure Yang Sect, was camped not far away, not even knowing what these people were thinking yet!

What he was worried about at the moment was Kai’s safety, not knowing whether he had escaped or not!

“Master, it’s been so many days and those people haven’t caught Mr. Chen, so that proves that Mr. Chen must have escaped, so you don’t need to worry!”

Liu Rui said as she comforted Yue Buqun.

“En, Mr. Chen’s fate is very hard, he won’t die easily either.”

“We need to find a suitable place to relocate the Pure Yang Sect over, the resources in this secret realm, are too rich, I believe with these resources, all of you will be able to increase your strength faster!”

Yue Buqun said!

“Master, don’t we go and hunt some demonic beasts and take beast pills?”

Liu Xing asked Yue Buqun in disbelief.

“I’ve seen it, those are all high level demon beasts, strong and powerful, I’m afraid that if we want to hunt those demon beasts, we will have to pay a great price.”

“And this place is rich in resources, even if we don’t use beast pills, it’s still enough for cultivation, since that’s the case, why risk it!”

Yue Buqun didn’t intend to go hunting demonic beasts, he just wanted to find a place and settle the Pure Yang Sect down!

“Alright, tomorrow I will take someone with my senior sister to find a suitable place!”

Liu Xing nodded his head!

And at this time, at the place where the three sects and six factions were meeting, the people had reached an agreement and were ready to make a move against the Pure Yang Sect and simply destroy it!

But just as they were about to adjourn the meeting, there was a sudden spatial fluctuation and a figure slowly appeared!

All those who saw this scene froze, and then took up their positions as if they were enemies!

But when the figure was fully revealed, everyone was shocked!

“Yao Qing, you’re not dead?”

Leng Wu Dao asked as he looked at the figure that had appeared.

It turned out that this figure was none other than Yao Qing, the leader of the Burning Heaven Sect!

The Burning Heaven Sect was an evil sect that had been destroyed by the three sects and the six sects, but now this Yao Qing had appeared!

When the others saw Yao Qing’s appearance, they all became nervous, their breath rising!

“Don’t panic, this is just a phantom of Yao Qing, there is no threat.”

Bao Yu Kun hurriedly said to calm the crowd!

Amongst these people, only Bao Yukun knew that Yao Qing was not dead and had been following the Burning Heaven Sect!

Bao Yu Kun had been able to cheat the Pure Yang Sect out of its resources for many years, also because he had followed this Yao Qing to work with him and tricked Yue Bu Qun!

“Yao Qing, what are you doing here with us?”

Leng Wu Dao asked to Yao Qing.

“Nothing, I just heard that you guys were going to destroy the Pure Yang Sect, so I came over to join in the fun, and by the way, I wanted to join you guys and hunt demonic beasts together on the mountain!”

Yao Qing said with a faint smile.

“Impossible, you are an evil cultivator, how can you possibly join us ……”

Someone, loudly refused!

“If not, then I will tell Yue Buqun about this, besides I am an evil cultivator, and aren’t you all doing whatever you can to cultivate and get resources? Why else would you have destroyed the Pure Yang Sect? We are just half a catty and half a catty!”

“Besides, I cultivate evil techniques because of the lack of resources, so I just want to speed up my cultivation, now that there are abundant resources here and so many demonic beasts, I don’t need to use evil techniques to suck the strength out of others!”

“If you allow me to join, then my Burning Heaven Sect can take the place of the Pure Yang Sect, besides, killing demonic beasts, my Burning Heaven Sect can also contribute.”

Yao Qing said with a cold smile.


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