A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2338

If they could hunt some demonic beasts and take out the beast pellets, it would be of great help to the development of the clan!

At this moment, the three sects and six factions of the Hidden Realm, except for the Pure Yang Sect after that, the other sects gathered together.

“Gentlemen, now that we have almost explored this secret realm, the resources and environment here are a hundred times better than the Hidden Realm, and there are high-level demonic beasts everywhere on top of this mountain peak, so if we can work together and hunt some demonic beasts, then we, the sects, will be able to develop rapidly.”

“By that time, those of us who are not going to be inferior to the cultivators of those eight mysterious realms, we will be able to become immortals and Buddhas just the same, we will be able to ascend to the heavenly realm just the same, and we will be able to live forever ……”

Tong Ocean said with an excited face!

“Master Tong is right, the sudden appearance of such a secret realm entrance in our Hidden Realm, and an unclaimed secret realm at that, proves that the heavens have given us an opportunity, and we have to seize it.”

“But in the face of so many high-level demonic beasts, we must work together to do so, as long as we work together, this secret realm will be our home base, if anyone dares to seize our secret realm, we will never agree!”

Leng Wu Dao got up and echoed the words.

“Master Tong, Master Leng, our Hidden Realm is supposed to advance and retreat together, just say what you need to do!”

“Right, this secret realm is big enough for us, the few sects, to survive anyway.”

“In the future, we can cultivate without worrying about resources!”

The crowd echoed Tong Ocean and Leng Wu Dao!

“What about the Pure Yang Sect?” At this moment, Bao Yukun of the Pill Refining Sect spoke up!

The crowd was all silent, after all, the Pure Yang Sect was also considered a sect within the three sects and six factions of the Hidden Realm, the sect arranging for the Pure Yang Sect was a tricky issue now!

“I think we should give that Pill Refining Sect, find a nook and cranny for them to settle in, and if they don’t want to be in the Secret Realm, then let them get out and let them continue to stay in the Hidden Realm when the time comes!”

Someone suggested!

“Let the Pure Yang Clan get out and go back to the Hidden Realm, the resources in this Secret Realm cannot be shared with them!”

Another person said!

These people were making suggestions, most of them wanted to drive the Pure Yang Clan out of the secret realm and let them return to the Hidden Realm, after all, with one Pure Yang Clan gone, the others would be able to share some more resources!

Leng Wu Dao listened and then waved his hand to silence the crowd and said “Gentlemen, although we have this secret realm, we can’t lose the territory of the Hidden Realm!”

“If our secret realm is known by the people of the eight great secret realms, and they come to seize our secret realm resources, with our current strength, there is no way to deal with it.”

“So we have to prepare with two hands, we can’t lose our Hidden Realm territory, if the people from the Eight Great Mystic Realms really come to grab our Secret Realm resources, we can still retreat to the Hidden Realm, they people won’t dare to come out of the Secret Realm.”

“But if we drive the Pure Yang Clan out now and let them return to the Hidden Realm, won’t all the land in the Hidden Realm become owned by that Pure Yang Clan?”

“If we really encounter danger in the Secret Realm then, where else can we retreat to? In retreating back to the Hidden Realm, who dares to guarantee that that Pure Yang Sect won’t retaliate against us?”

Leng Wu Dao carefully analyzed it for the crowd!

“Master Leng has a point, since that’s the case, then what do you think about this Pure Yang Sect?”

Someone asked to Leng Wu Dao.

Leng Wu Dao swept a circle, then his eyes faintly stared, full of killing aura and said “Kill …………”

With Leng Wu Dao’s word kill, everyone was silent!

Although the three sects and six factions in the hidden world often collude and fight secretly behind the scenes for the benefit of resources!

But they had never thought of doing such a thing as exterminating their sects directly!

Now that Leng Wu Dao had said that he wanted to wipe out the Pure Yang Sect, everyone was at a loss as to what to say!


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