A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2337

“How is this …… possible?”

The divine calculator’s face changed a bit “Obviously that Kai is nearby, how come this is suddenly out of the exploration range?”

The divination of the diviner’s copper coin also has a distance requirement, if the distance is too far, there is no way to divine the other party’s location!

Now suddenly the bronze coins fell, that would prove that Kai was already far away from them, out of range!

“Damn it, you’re not pretending to be a god to trick us, are you?”

“Just now, you said you were right in front of us, but now you’re suddenly far away and out of range, fooling me?”

Leng Wu Dao’s face turned cold as he directly stepped forward and grabbed the Divine Reckoner’s collar!

He was about to go crazy, this Kai was injured and not as strong as the legend said, how could he run that far away in the blink of an eye?

Unless Kai knew spatial magic and could travel through space at will, but this was a secret realm, so even if he knew spatial magic, there was no way he could do it!

In that case, there was only one possibility: the Divine Reckoner was talking nonsense, he couldn’t calculate Kai’s location at all!

The Divine Reckoning was grabbed by Leng Wu Dao’s collar and his face became very ugly “Are you doubting my divination skills?”

“Master Divine Reckoning, don’t be angry, Brother Leng is also in too much of a hurry!”

Seeing this, Tong Ocean hurriedly stepped forward to round up the situation!

Leng Wu Dao also knew that he had lost his temper a little, after all, the Divination Gang’s status in the Hidden Realm was no lower than his Flying Star Sect, and even a head higher.

“Divine Reckoning Master, I was a little too hasty, I’ll make amends for you ……”

Leng Wu Dao bowed his head and admitted his mistake!

Seeing this, Divine Calculus did not pursue the matter, after all, Leng Wu Dao was also the master of a gang, to be able to bow his head and admit his mistake was already fine!

“Master Abracadabra, please give us a divination to find out where Kai has gone, otherwise we’ll be searching like headless flies, we won’t have a clue!”

Tong Ocean said to the Divine Reckoner!

“Good, I’ll be trying, I must not smash my own signboard on this Kai fellow ……”

After saying that, the divine Abbot bit through his finger, and then dripped three drops of blood on top of those three copper coins!

The three bronze coins began to emit a buzzing sound, followed by directly turning blood red and emitting a red glow!

“Search …………”

The divine Abbot tossed the three copper coins towards the air, and the three coins unexpectedly whooshed without a trace!

The divine calculator’s fingers were pinching and his forehead was covered in cold sweat, it looked like he had wasted a lot of energy this time!

At that moment, Kai was still being carried by the giant lion and was running fast!

Even though the Divine Reckoner had used his skills, he was unable to divine Kai’s position, as he was already hundreds of kilometres away from them!

The Divine Abbot breathed heavily and said, “That boy is so erratic that it is difficult to divine his location.

The Divine Reckoner left, he had used up too much mental energy trying to divine Kai’s location!

Leng Wu Dao and Tong Ocean looked at each other, but in the end, they could only rely on the slow search method to see if they could find Kai’s trail!

And Kai was carried by the giant lion, and after reaching the top of a mountain, set Kai down!

He then licked Kai with his tongue, but he was still unconscious!

Helplessly, the lion lay beside Kai and watched over him!

And the place was full of all kinds of demonic beasts passing by, although there were some that took an interest in Kai and tried to eat him, but were stopped by the giant lion.

In this way, Kai remained unconscious for seven days, and during these seven days, countless demonic beasts had attacked Kai, but unfortunately they were all stopped by the giant lion!

There were also people who had come here, but there were too many demonic beasts here and their realms were very high, so these people could only move around at the foot of the mountain and did not go up to the top, if they had gone up to the top, they would have been able to find Kai!

During these seven days, because of the presence of many demonic beasts on top of this mountain peak, those sects in the Hidden Realm had all leaned in here, after all, the beast pellets of demonic beasts were rare resources!


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