A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2336

“Master of Divine Calculation, isn’t that enough?”

Leng Wu Dao asked with some impatience.

“Alright ……”

After the Divine Calculus finished speaking, the bronze coins in mid-air abruptly came together!

Immediately afterwards a ray of light shot out from within that bronze coin, forming a projection, and the message within the projection was exactly when Kai was following that tall and short man in a confrontation!

With a violent wave of the Divine Calculus’ hand, space seemed to split open instantly, and an aura erupted from that crack!

“You can feel if this is that Kai’s aura!”

The Divine Reckoner said as he looked towards Leng Wu Dao and Tong Ocean!

“It is indeed that Kai’s aura, I have fought with him, I know the aura he carries.”

Leng Wu Dao said!

“Since the Leng Clan Master can sense the presence of the scent, then it is up to the Leng Clan Master to follow the scent and search for it, surely we will be able to find that Kai!”

The Divine Reckoner said!

“Good, thank you Master Divine Reckoning, I promise you the resources, I’ll gas you deliver them to the house when we return!”

After saying that, Leng Wu Dao led his men quickly towards the breath and chased after him!

The Divine Calculus followed after Tong Ocean also followed.

At the same time, Kai was being carried by that giant lion in his mouth, running quickly, no one knew where this giant lion was taking Kai to!

Kai was unconscious, but the old man inside him was desperately trying to call out to him not to let Kai continue to be carried forward by that giant lion!

Now they were off course, following the place marked by the treasure, going north and south!

Soon, the divine Reckoning’s measured breath disappeared, and Leng Wu Dao lost track of the direction Kai had disappeared in!

“Divine Reckoning, what the hell is going on here?”

Leng Wu Dao asked the Divine Reckoner.

“That Kai fled too fast and far away, there is a time and distance limit for my divination and fortune telling, and I can’t keep serving you!

said the Divine Abbot!

“Fleeing fast.”

Leng Wu Dao said with a dumbfounded expression “That Kai obviously suffered internal injuries, but to suffer internal injuries and still be able to escape so fast, I’m really convinced.”

“I can feel that Kai is running faster and faster now ……” The Divine Calculus closed his eyes slightly, seemingly sensing something!

“Master Divine Reckoning, do you know where that Kai is? You are helping to count ……”

Leng Wu Dao hurriedly said.

“Master Leng, my divination, but a single price, if you want to continue divination, then you need …………”

The Divine Reckoning Master made a gesture of counting the money!

“Okay, no problem, I will immediately arrange for someone to find …… the divination great event for the Divine Reckoning.”

Leng Wu Dao agreed painfully.

After hearing this, the Divine Reckoning then threw the three copper plates in his hand into the air once again.

Soon, Kai’s aura was revealed, and it wasn’t that far away from Leng Wu Dao and the others!

“Hahahaha, there’s a trace of this Kai, he’s not too far away from us, go after ……”

Leng Wu Dao couldn’t help but burst out laughing!

The group of people once again overtook Kai’s direction and hurriedly chased after him, while Kai had no idea that Leng Wu Dao was catching up!

He was still unconscious the whole time, allowing the giant lion to carry him around in his mouth!

“Huh, how strange, where the hell is this Kai going? How did we find out that he was rushing around haphazardly?”

The Divine Calculus sensed the aura on Kai’s body and found that Kai was actually running around with no fixed direction at all!

“This Kai, he must be doing this to avoid the chase, no wonder so many people can’t find him ……”

After Leng Wu Dao finished speaking, he emitted the divine sense from his body to see when he scouted for that Kai’s trail in real time!

But soon, the three bronze coins of the Divine Reckoning lost their effect all of a sudden and fell directly from their suspension in mid-air to the ground!

“Master Divine Reckoning, what’s going on?”

Leng Wu Dao asked when he saw that the divine calculator’s copper coins had unexpectedly fallen.


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