A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2335

The leader was none other than Yao Qing, the sect master of the Burning Heaven Sect, they had heard the roar of the demonic beasts and also the sound of a fight, so they rushed over!

One must know that the beast pellets of demonic beasts were good cultivation resources, and the demonic beasts in this secret realm were definitely much stronger than those in the Hidden Realm.

But when Yao Qing arrived with his men, there were only two dead bodies on the ground!

Yao Qing observed the ones on the ground, then one hand gently stroked over the corpses, and the image of the fight that had just taken place soon appeared before his eyes!

“So powerful all the time giant lion ……” Yao Qing’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then gently touched on another corpse, followed by a flash of brilliant light in his eyes “This spirit sword has actually opened its spirit, it seems that this Kai really has a lot of good things, give I chase ……”

Yao Qing took his men and quickly chased in the direction the giant lion had fled.

Now almost everyone in the entire secret realm was looking for Kai!

Some were looking to kill Kai to get the resources of the Flying Star Sect, others were looking to kill Kai to get the treasures he was carrying!

Others were finding Kai to try and help him!

All of a sudden the secret realm was filled with people looking for Kai’s figure, but luckily the secret realm was big enough that trying to find someone from it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack!

“Damn it, where the hell did this kid go?”

When Leng Wu Dao saw that there was no news of Kai for a long time, he couldn’t help but feel a bit agitated!

“Brother Leng, this secret realm is so big, it’s not that simple to find someone, if you want to know where that Kai is, let the divine abbot divine a fortune for you, won’t it be ……”

Tong Ocean said to Leng Wu Dao.

Leng Wu Dao suddenly lit up and said “Yes, how could I have forgotten about this guy, I’ll have someone go and get him ……”

Leng Wu Dao sent out his people to find the divine fortune teller, and soon an old man with a goatee was invited over!

This man was the number one divination master in the Hidden Realm, the Divine Abbot, asking about astronomy above and geography below, the Divine Abbot only needed three copper plates to know!

It was also because of this that the Divine Reckoner’s Divination Gang was also able to stand a place in the Hidden Realm.

“Master Leng has asked me to divine where that Kai is hiding, right?”

The Divine Reckoning met Leng Wu Dao and said straightforwardly.

“Master Divine Reckoning is indeed true to his name, I have asked you to come precisely to divine the location of that Kai’s hiding place, and I would like to ask Master Divine Reckoning to help me!”

Leng Wu Dao said very politely to the Divine Reckoner!

“Divining directions, a piece of cake, but my rules, Master Leng should know them, right?”

The Divine Calculus said with a condescending posture.

“Of course I know, Master Divine Reckoning just divine the location of that Kai’s hideout, I will definitely send a large amount of resources ……”

Leng Wu Dao hurriedly said.

The divine Abbot nodded “Good!”

After saying that, the divine Abbot took out three copper coins, and then the three coins were thrown high into the air!

The three coins emitted light, hovered in mid-air, and began to rotate continuously!

Leng Wu Dao and Tong Hai Yang looked up at the coins, they were very curious as to how this divine calculator could divine everything with three coins!

“Master Divine Reckoning, what ancient divine object are these three bronze coins?”

Tong Ocean couldn’t help but ask.

“It’s just three ordinary copper coins, why is it an ancient divine object.”

The divine calculator smiled lightly and said.

“But why can just these three ordinary copper coins divine everything in the hands of the Divine Reckoning Master?”

Tong Ocean asked.

“Heaven’s information cannot be revealed, so I am sorry that I have no comment.” After the divine calculator finished speaking, his hands choked together and the three copper coins kept changing their directions in mid-air!

After about ten minutes, the divine abbot still had no reaction and his hands were still choking, but Leng Wu Dao was a bit anxious!

He was not sure if this was a bluff or not, after all, he had never asked the Divine Reckoner for help, and he had only heard of the Divine Reckoner’s reputation!


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