A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2334

But just as the short man was about to make a move on Kai, a sudden gust of strong wind hit him!

“Roar …………”

The giant lion demonic beast actually launched an attack at the short man!

With a roar and a huge breath, it directly scared the short man into retreating!

After the short man retreated, the giant lion slowly walked in front of Kai, licked him with its tongue, and then opened its bloody mouth!

When the short man saw this, he knew that the giant lion wanted to eat Kai, but he didn’t stop it, as long as he could leave a head behind, he could still find that Leng Wu Dao with Kai’s head!

The short man put away his long sword and watched from afar as the giant lion ate Kai, Kai was dead anyway, the short man didn’t want to deal with that giant lion alone, he was no match for that giant lion now that he had a broken arm!

“Roar ……”

The giant lion let out a roar and clawed at Kai’s body, but the giant lion’s sharp claws couldn’t break through Kai’s hard flesh at all!

Then he started to bite Kai with his teeth, but he still couldn’t break Kai’s flesh, he was like a stone, the giant lion tried to bite him, but he couldn’t bite him at all!

The giant lion looked at the unconscious Kai and then slapped a paw towards Kai’s head!

But just as the huge stone’s claw was about to hit Kai’s head, a bright light suddenly flashed on Kai’s chest!

Immediately afterwards, a golden ball of light slowly burst out of Kai’s body!

The moment the golden ball of light appeared, a vast aura began to fill the air, and the giant lion was so frightened that it retreated!

The golden ball of light grew larger and larger, and finally began to slowly stretch out, turning into a fire phoenix that was circling around Kai!

Seeing the sudden appearance of the fire phoenix, the giant lion’s eyes were filled with fear, and after letting out a hiss of terror, he actually knelt down to the ground!

The giant lion bowed its head as if it was worshipping the fire phoenix!

When the short man saw this scene, he was filled with shock, he couldn’t understand how a fire phoenix could suddenly fly out of Kai’s body.

The fire phoenix let out a cry and finally rushed into Kai’s forehead, while on Kai’s forehead, a fire phoenix mark appeared, but soon, that mark disappeared!

After the fire phoenix disappeared, the giant lion was still lying on the ground, its eyes as docile as a domestic cat’s!

Seeing that the giant lion didn’t dare to eat Kai anymore, the short man drew his long knife and prepared to finish Kai off himself!

But just as the short man stepped forward, the giant lion, which had been lying motionless, had a murderous aura in its eyes and lunged towards the short man!

Seeing this, the short man rolled and dodged, but the giant lion did not relent and attacked the short man desperately!

At that moment, the giant lion was fighting the short man and the Dragon Chopper was fighting the tall man!

Kai was lying unconscious on the ground, not moving at all ……

“Roar ……”

The giant lion roared, the short man could no longer resist, his other arm, was bitten fiercely by the giant lion and ripped straight off!

“Ahh …………”

The intense pain caused the short man to scream with a heartbreaking scream!

When the tall man heard the miserable scream, he couldn’t help but be distracted and was directly decapitated by the Dragon Chopper Sword in an instant!

And the short man was also bitten by the giant lion and swallowed his head!

With the tall man and the short man dead, Kai was safe for the time being!

The Dragon Cutting Sword returned to Kai’s body, and after the giant lion licked Kai, it picked him up and quickly left!

But shortly after the lion left with Kai in his mouth, a group of people arrived listening to the roar that had just been heard!


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