A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2333

Kai thought it was the two guys who had just caught up with him, but when he got up to look, he found a ferocious giant lion watching him intently!

A mouth full of fangs that reeked of blood, and a constant low roar coming out of its mouth!

“Hahahaha, let you curse, now you’re in trouble ……”

Looking at the giant lion, the old man laughed out loud!

On the other hand, Kai was depressed, he was just whining a bit, this guy who created the secret realm couldn’t really be so petty, right?

Looking at the demonic beast in front of him, Kai was helpless, this time it was impossible for him to run away!

The giant lion looked at Kai, but did not attack, but kept circling around Kai!

The giant lion didn’t attack, but Kai couldn’t wait, or else those two guys would soon catch up with him, and when he faced the demonic beast and those two guys, Kai would definitely die!

But just as Kai was about to make his move on the giant lion, the tall and short guys were already catching up!

After they saw Kai being blocked by a demonic beast, they burst out laughing!

“Senior brother, we’re too lucky today, not only can we kill Kai and get resources, we can also get a beast pill!”

The short man looked at the giant lion and said with some excitement.

“The two of us are indeed lucky today, but should we kill that demonic beast first, or this Kai first?”

The tall man said.

Now that the short man had broken his arm, so his strength was greatly reduced, it would probably be difficult for the two of them to win quickly if they took on the giant lion and Kai at the same time, so they would have to join forces and take the lead on one!

“Kill this Kai first, he broke my arm, I’ll make him taste all the pain too ……”

The short man said as he looked coldly at Kai.

“Good ……”

The tall man nodded, without the slightest hesitation, his body leapt up, and the long knife in his hand, instantly swung out countless sharp edges, heading straight for Kai!

Seeing this, Kai took off the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand, along with the Dragon Cutting Sword continuously emitting a burst of humming, a sword qi shot out, directly blocking that tall man’s blade!

Seeing this, the short man waved his sword with one hand and came straight for Kai. Now that Kai was not protected by the Dragon Cutting Sword, the short man was confident that he could kill Kai with one hand!

As Kai looked at the short man, he was helpless, his strength was suppressed and there was no way he could fight with the short man!

Just as the short man was about to rush in front of him, Kai suddenly saw the giant lion still watching him intently!

An idea came to his mind and he swung his palm directly towards the giant lion!

He had to find a way to make that short man follow the giant lion in a fight before he could have a chance of survival.

So Kai took the lead in enraging that giant lion and then got into a melee so that he could find a chance to slip away!

Kai slapped his palm at the giant lion, expecting it to go berserk and attack towards him, but who knew that the giant lion would dodge Kai’s attack and then roll his eyes and give Kai a contemptuous look!

Seeing that look from the giant lion, Kai was dumbfounded, he didn’t expect a demonic beast, to have guessed his intentions, that’s why that giant lion dodged and didn’t even intend to strike!

“Go to hell …………”

Just as Kai was dazed, the short man had already arrived in front of him, and the long knife in his hand slashed viciously on top of Kai’s back!

Clang …………

With a crisp sound, Kai’s body instantly flew out, a bone-deep wound on his back, bleeding continuously!

Kai, who had been severely injured, had blood spurting out of his mouth, the sight in front of him becoming increasingly blurred, and in the end he actually fainted!

The short man looked at his dao and couldn’t help but curse, “Damn, how on earth did this guy train his flesh to be so tough …………”

The short man carried his sword towards Kai, who had already passed out, and the short man was not the least bit wary.


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