A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2332

“Yes, it’s very likely, let’s not let this Kai fool us, if he still has his strength and can easily kill us, he will never let the two of us leave ……”

The tall man also seemed to react and immediately said, “Come on, let’s go back and take a look ……”

With that, the two men turned around and started to return!

Soon, the two returned to where they had just been, but Kai’s figure was long gone!

“Damn, he really did fool us, let’s go after him ……”

The tall man said with a gloomy face and gritted his teeth.

Immediately afterwards the two men emitted their divine sense and began to search for Kai, and they knew that Kai would definitely not get away far!

After sensing Kai’s direction, the two men hurriedly chased after him!

At this moment, Kai was still glad that he had tricked those two guys into leaving, but soon, two divine senses came over him, which startled Kai, and then he quickly ran up!

The two guys, one tall and one short, were chasing after him, and Kai was running ahead!

Now Kai couldn’t be more annoyed, now he was running all over the mountains being chased by the disciples of a sect in the Hidden Realm, it was so humiliating!

“Which son of a b*tch created this secret realm, messing with the Heavenly Dao, suppressing my strength, if I find out who created this secret realm, I will curse his eight generations of ancestors in front of him ……”

Kai cursed as he ran, venting his frustration!

If this secret realm did not contain the power of the Heavenly Dao, which suppressed his strength, Kai would not have been running around like a dog in distress, being chased by people!

“You brat dare to curse anyone, be careful that old monster hears you and finds you in trouble ……”

The old man’s voice rang out, and it looked like this old man should know who created this secret realm!

It should also be a high ranking person from the Celestial Realm, because no matter in the eight mysterious realms or this secular realm, there should be no one with the ability to create mysterious realms!

Even that great power of the Demon Heart Sect doesn’t have this ability, or else they wouldn’t be cooped up looking for those masterless secret realms, wouldn’t they just create one themselves and save themselves the trouble!

“You know who created this secret realm?”

Kai asked with some surprise.

“Nonsense, of course I know, and this secret realm was also specially created so that I could summon my soul to it, otherwise how else would the entrance appear in the depths of that ocean!”

“It’s all your fault, you fellow, for taking my skull away, otherwise I would have completed the summoning and returned to the Celestial Realm by now!”

The old man grumbled at Kai!

Kai looked embarrassed, he only saw that there was a treasure map on the bone and took the skull away in order to get that treasure map, but he didn’t want to delay such a big thing for someone!

But to be able to create a secret realm for this fellow in order for him to summon his soul and return to the Celestial Realm, it was evident that this old man was no ordinary person in the Celestial Realm either!

“What kind of person are you? To think that someone would purposely create a secret realm just for you, that’s too awesome, isn’t it?”

“Who is the guy who created the secret realm, tell me and I’ll scold him twice, or if you go back to the Celestial Human Realm, carry a message for me and scold him ……”

“Other mysterious realms are not suppressed by the power of the Heavenly Dao, but he created a mysterious realm and brought the power of the Heavenly Dao with him, deliberately showing off his strength?”

Kai chattered discontentedly!

“Hahahaha, no one who dares to scold that old monster has been born yet, how dare you scold him, maybe he will really be able to hear you, and then you will die a miserable death ……”

The old man laughed out loud!

“It’s death whether you scold him or not, why not, now it’s causing me to be chased around like a lost dog.”

Kai said in a depressed manner!

Just as Kai finished his words, an extremely dangerous aura suddenly struck towards Kai!

Kai instinctively lunged forward, followed by a roll on the ground, dodging the blow!


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