A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2330

“Don’t blow it off, you’ve been dumped into the sea yourself and become a pile of corpse bones ……”

Kai followed the old man and began to toss his lips!

“You …… doll, you are simply ratty, if not for the fact that you are covered in dragon veins, I wouldn’t even bother with you.”

The old man was furious.

“Then, since you can know that I am covered in dragon veins, do you know who I am? Who my father is?”

Kai wanted to inquire about his father from the old man’s mouth!

“It’s good that I can tell that you are covered in dragon veins, how can I know who your father is? If I can be resurrected, I can help you deduce the heavens and know the identity of your father.”

The old man said!

When Kai heard that, it was another guy who knew nothing, so he stopped talking and could only speed up his steps!

But just as Kai had crossed the mountainside, two people suddenly appeared in front of him, and looking at the dress of these two people, they should belong to one of the sects in the Hidden Realm!

Although Kai had some problems with the Flying Star School and the Heavenly Thunder School, he had no connection with other sects, nor did he have any grudges, so after seeing these two men, Kai intended to go around and continue walking!

But those two men reached out and stopped Kai!

One of them, a short man, looked at Kai with excited eyes and said with a faint smile, “I really didn’t expect that this great luck from heaven would come down on us two brothers.”

Kai looked at the short man with an unkind look in his eyes and said with a frown, “Who are you two? We don’t seem to have any enmity, do we?”

“You don’t need to care who we are, we have no grudges or enemies either, but that Flying Star Sect has offered three years of resources to take your head, so don’t expect to be able to pull out of here!”

“Be a good boy and stick your head out if you can still suffer less, or don’t blame us for being ungracious ……”

The short man slowly drew his long knife and looked at Kai as if he was seeing a treasure!

Kai’s heart was shocked and his body involuntarily stepped backwards, he didn’t expect that Leng Wu Dao had offered such a high reward in order to kill himself!

It seemed that even Yue Buqun could not stop him, after all, the Pure Yang Sect could not follow all the sects in the Hidden World as enemies!

Kai looked at the two men in front of him, all of them were fifth grade Martial Gods, if Kai’s strength wasn’t suppressed, these two guys wouldn’t be in Kai’s eyes at all!

But now that Kai’s strength was suppressed, he was afraid that it would be impossible to deal with these two men!

Kai kept thinking, and now all he could use in his hand was the Zeng Long Sword, which already possessed a sword spirit and could attack on its own, so it did not need Kai’s control!

But the Dragon Chopper Sword could deal with one person, but dealing with two Fifth Grade Martial God realm experts was simply impossible!

“How good it would be if the Flaming Tiger was around ……”

Kai was starting to miss the Flaming Tiger, if the Flaming Tiger didn’t die, he wouldn’t have to be so scared when facing these two guys!

The short man, seeing that Kai was hesitant to move, waved his sword and slashed, a brilliant light erupted out, this harsh blade, slicing through the void, whistling towards Kai!

Kai gritted his teeth and desperately burst out a surge of spiritual energy, then shielded his body!

Boom …………

The blade slashed fiercely at Kai’s body, and Kai was instantly sent flying, a bloodstain on his strong flesh!

“This kid’s flesh is really strong, this slash actually only cut a blood mark.”

The short man said with some surprise!

“Let’s hope his neck isn’t that hard, or else he’ll cut a few more ……”

The other tall man also drew his knife out!

The two men faced Kai with smug sneers on their faces as they walked step by step towards Kai.


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