A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2327

It was a pity that his strength was suppressed, whether it was spirit power or the power of the divine dragon, very little of it could be utilized!

Kai had just exuded his breath to resist when he was instantly crushed to the ground by a tremendous force!

The immense pressure instantly caused a crack to appear in the ground beneath Kai’s feet as he slumped to the ground, clenching his teeth to death, his face hideous!

If Kai’s physical body wasn’t strong enough, he would have become a puddle of mush by now!

Leng Wu Dao withdrew his breath and looked at Kai with some surprise!

“How come this is all the strength you have?”

Leng Wu Dao frowned, according to this level of Kai’s strength, how could he have killed Leng Yun, and how could he have killed the Seven Deadly Sovereigns?

Tong You Gong was also surprised to see Kai like this, even when he first met him, Kai’s strength wasn’t so weak!

“Kai, stop pretending, your strength can’t be this weak, are you trying to show weakness on purpose to fool us?”

Tong You Gong questioned loudly!

Kai slowly got up, blood already on the corner of his mouth, but he didn’t say anything!

There was no way he could say anything about his own strength being suppressed!

Seeing that Kai didn’t say anything, Tong You Gong slapped his palm out towards Kai, a radiant energy whistled and hit Kai’s chest fiercely!

Kai frowned slightly and hurriedly mobilised the power of the divine Dragon to activate the Incorruptible Golden Body!

As Kai’s body flashed with golden light, a piece of golden scales began to cover Kai’s entire body.

But as soon as these scales were covered, Kai instantly felt his divine dragon power dissipate, his entire body weakened, and the Unbreakable Golden Body that he had just activated, also directly dissipated!

Boom …………

This palm hit Kai solidly in the chest, directly sending him flying out of the room. Kai flew backwards all the way out, directly smashing a dozen trees before he came to a stop with a fierce impact on a huge rock!

Kai only felt his internal organs continue to surge and a mouthful of fresh blood spurted out!

“How could this happen?”

Tong You Gong looked on in disbelief, he hadn’t used his full strength in his slap just now, yet he had beaten Kai senseless!

“His aura is festering, it seems that he should have injuries to his physical abilities, which is what made him unable to gather his strength.”

At this moment, Tong Ocean spoke up, he had been observing Kai, just now when Kai mobilized the power of the divine Dragon and activated the Incorruptible Golden Body, that power soon collapsed, this meant that Kai was not weak, but for some reason, the power just wasn’t able to gather!

“I don’t care if you are not strong, or if the power was not able to gather because of an injury, you must be responsible for my son’s death.”

“Today I will take revenge for my son ……”

As Leng Wu Dao finished speaking, his palm swung towards Kai!

As a Martial Emperor, with this casual wave of his hand, the heavens and the earth instantly changed colour as a huge palm print appeared in mid-air, like a five-fingered mountain, pressing towards Kai!

The palm print had not yet arrived, but the pressure had already instantly crushed Kai to the ground, unable to stand up at all.

Kai lay on the ground, his bones cackling as the immense pressure caused his body to start cracking and a trail of blood appeared!

Kai looked at the huge palm print in mid-air, at this moment he felt the scent of death, and it was right in front of him!

A scene began to cross Kai’s mind as a woman’s figure appeared.

And in a trance, he seemed to see his mother, who had a kind smile on her face and was slowly walking towards him!

He also saw his father, the mighty and tall figure, except that he couldn’t see his own father clearly!

Even so, Kai was content, and a faint smile appeared on Kai’s face!

“It seems that I need to find a new host before I can do so ……”

The old man’s voice rang out.

There was nothing he could do to help Kai, at this point he was not even a soul.


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