A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2326

“Right, let’s go around first, I think a few other families must have come in too, I just don’t know where they’ve been teleported to, let’s see if we can come across them!”

Bao Yu Kun said with a nod!

Kai was hiding in the shadows, listening to the conversation of a few people, and he could generally understand some of it!

It turned out that this new secret realm entrance had also opened one in the Hidden Realm, no wonder these people from the Hidden Realm would enter here!

Looking at these people getting closer and closer, Kai held his breath and completely reined in his aura for fear of being discovered!

After all, the Heavenly Thunder Sect’s Tong Ocean and the Flying Star Sect’s Leng Wu Dao all thought that he had killed their sons and were looking for revenge!

Now Kai was praying that he wouldn’t be discovered by these people, and he hoped that he would run into Yue Buqun of the Pure Yang Sect, for Kai’s strength was now suppressed by the Heavenly Dao, and if he really ran into danger, he would have a helping hand with Yue Buqun around!

At this moment, Kai thought of Qu Yunchang, if only he could also enter this secret territory, with Qu Yunchang’s strength, Kai would not be afraid of these people!

When these people passed in front of Kai, although Kai was already trying to collect his breath, he was still discovered by Leng Wu Dao!

“Who is it? Come out quickly ……”

Leng Wu Dao stopped and then looked towards the place where Kai was hiding!

With Leng Wu Dao’s bellow, dozens of pairs of eyes looked in unison towards where Kai was hiding!

Seeing this, Kai knew that he could not hide any longer, so he slowly got up!

When he saw Kai, that Leng Wu Dao frowned and said, “Who are you?”

Leng Wu Dao had not seen Kai before, and seeing that Kai was not from the Hidden Realm, he asked!

“Kai, why are you here?”

At this moment, Tong You Gong recognized Kai and asked with a face full of surprise.

As soon as Leng Wu Dao heard that it was Kai, infinite killing intent instantly erupted from his body!

“This secret realm doesn’t belong to your family, so why can’t I be here?”

Kai disliked back at Tong You Gong.

“You …………”

Tong Youkong’s face turned cold and he was about to make a move against Kai, but he was stopped by Tong Ocean!

“This kid is very strong, you are not necessarily a match ……”

Tong Ocean knew that even Wang Defa was no match for Kai, so this Tong Yougong would be even more unable to beat Kai!

They still didn’t know that Kai’s strength was suppressed at this moment, and even if Tong Yougong were to strike, he would still be able to win against Kai!

“You are Kai?” At this moment, Leng Wu Dao asked as he took a step forward, full of murderous aura, and stood in front of Kai.

“Yes!” Kai nodded, and then asked, “And who are you?”

“I am Leng Wu Dao, the leader of the Flying Star Sect, and the man you killed, Leng Yun, was my son.”

The killing intent in Leng Wu Dao’s eyes intensified as he mentioned Leng Yun!

“I told you a long time ago, I didn’t kill that Leng Yun, it was the Great Protector of the Burning Heaven Sect that drew on his strength, that’s why he died, it had nothing to do with me.”

Kai explained!

“Do you think I will believe you?” Leng Wu Dao grimaced, “I know that you are very strong, even the number one assassin of our Flying Star Sect, the Seven Deadly Sovereigns, died at your hands, but I will never let you off the hook if you run into me today.”

When Kai heard this, he instantly froze, for that Seven Deadly Monarch had long since fled, and he had not killed him himself, and he did not understand how the other party had died.

But just as Kai froze, the aura on Leng Wu Dao’s body had already burst out, and the terrifying power of the Martial Emperor was like a huge mountain, pressing towards Kai!

Leng Wu Dao wanted to see how strong this Kai was at such a young age that he could even kill the Seven Deadly Sovereigns!

But just as that terrifying aura enveloped Kai, Kai instinctively sent out the spiritual energy in his body to resist!


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