A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2325

“Well, don’t be so dilly-dally, a man has to admit when he’s had his fun, and besides, you are a dragon and a phoenix, just the right pair for each other.”

“And that little woman, who is willing to give you all the fire phoenix power in her body, must be true to you.”

“Just find a chance to marry that little woman, now lead me to that place according to the treasure map.”

The old man urged at Kai!

Kai adjusted his mood and began to follow the guidance of the treasure map and set off towards his destination!

Although his strength was suppressed by the Heavenly Dao, fortunately there would be no one else in this secret realm and there would be no danger, so Kai wasn’t worried!

And at this moment, Ge Cang Sheng’s crowd, having not seen Kai come out for a long time, guessed that Kai must have already entered within the new mysterious realm!

Although Yu Qian was injured by the force of the turbulence and was directly shaken out, but in Kai’s case, something impossible would always happen!

Rumble …………

Just then, the earth beneath Ge Cang Sheng’s feet began to shake violently.

“It’s bad, this secret realm is going to collapse, get out quickly ……”

Yu Qian felt the earth shake and immediately roared out loud!

Seeing this, everyone started to run towards the teleportation array, and then teleported within their own secret realm!

Ge Cang Sheng also had to leave after taking a look at the black vortex, as soon as a new mysterious realm opened, an old one would perish!

But unexpectedly, the extinct mysterious realm was this place where they had opened the mysterious realm conference!

But the demise of this secret realm should be related to the Dragon Tattooed Bell being taken away by Kai!

Soon, everyone in the mysterious realm left, and the entire mysterious realm split apart with a huge roar, and finally dissipated!

Kai didn’t know that the secret realm where the secret meeting had been held had collapsed and died, but he continued to follow the guidance of the treasure map.

But just as Kai passed through a jungle, he suddenly stopped in his tracks, and then his expression became a little tense!

Because he sensed that there were other auras approaching him, and there was more than one!

“Huh, how can there be other people in this secret territory?”

The old man couldn’t help but be puzzled.

Kai also did not expect that someone would appear in this newly appeared secret realm, could it be that other people had seen that he had not gone out and had also come in?

However, Kai’s strength was suppressed at this time, and without knowing the identity of the other party, he did not dare to move forward rashly, so he found a place to hide and see what happened first!

Soon, dozens of figures slowly appeared, and when these people approached, Kai was dumbfounded!

This was because these people were not from the eight mysterious realms, but from the Hidden Realm!

Although most of them Kai did not know, among them were Tong Youkong of the Heavenly Thunder Sect and Bao Yukun of the Pill Refining Sect, both of whom Kai had met and dealt with!

There were also a few middle-aged men among them, with incomparably strong auras that had clearly reached the realm of Martial Emperor, so it seemed that these middle-aged men should be at the level of Sovereign!

“Old Tong, I really didn’t expect there to be a secret entrance near our Hidden Realm, this place is truly a paradise, a few breaths of air can make one feel relaxed, I’ll relocate my gang here in the future!”

Leng Wu Dao said with some excitement.

“Yes, it’s really good here, and I’ve seen that the medicinal herbs here are also very rich, I’m going to move the Pill Refining Sect here too ……”

“And this place is many times bigger than our Hidden Realm, so it will save us a few families from fighting over resources and territory.”

Bao Yu Kun looked at the mountain full of medicinal herbs and was also excited.

“You two don’t get too happy too early, if there was originally a master in this secret realm, if we barge in like this, we are bound to cause trouble, I think it’s better to take a turn first, if it’s a masterless secret realm, we can consider moving in!”

Tong Ocean said!


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