A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2324

Surveying his surroundings, Kai could be sure that he had arrived in this newly emerged secret realm!

The spiritual energy in the secret realm was incomparably pure, which made Kai feel very comfortable.

However, Kai found that the spiritual energy in his body seemed to be suppressed by something, and he could not exert it at all.

“Could it be the reason for this skull tattoo?”

Kai looked at his chest and then grabbed it, surprisingly trying to tear off this piece of his bloody flesh.

But right after Kai’s hand approached the skull tattoo, the skull instantly emitted a spiritual light, causing Kai’s hand to bounce back in an instant!

“Kid, it is your good fortune that I borrowed your body to return my soul, and you still want to abandon me?”

At this moment, in Kai’s mind, an old man’s voice actually rang out!

“Where are you? Who are you?”

Kai froze, looked around, and then asked aloud. One second to remember https://m. lqzw. la

“I’m right here in your chest, you picked up my skull and still don’t know who I am, if you didn’t pick up my skull, I could have used this secret realm to resurrect now.”

“Now I can only use your body, when you find what I need, I will naturally detach myself from your body!”

The old man’s voice rang out again!

Kai suddenly remembered, the crystal skull in his storage ring, there was still a treasure map on it!

But when Kai was checking, he found that the crystal skull was no longer there, so it seemed that the skull like the tattoo on his chest was the crystal skull!

“Who the hell are you? I picked up your skull out of curiosity as well as the treasure map on it.”

Kai explained!

“It doesn’t matter who I am, you wouldn’t recognize me even if I told you, just lead me and follow the treasure map’s directions to the place.”

The old man said with some impatience.

When Kai heard that, he froze, he didn’t expect that the treasure map on that skull would be in this newly opened secret realm!

But the old man didn’t want to say, so Kai didn’t pursue the matter, but at this moment, Kai was only half as strong as he was, so he couldn’t help but feel a little worried and doubtful!

“The spiritual power in my body isn’t able to be fully exerted, is it related to you?”

Kai asked to the old man.

“What does it have to do with me, your strength cannot be fully exerted because there is the power of the Heavenly Dao in this secret realm, and you are being suppressed by it.”

“The dragon and phoenix power within you has not fully fused, so you will be suppressed by the heavenly dao.”

The old man said.

“The power of the dragon and phoenix?” Kai frowned and instantly recalled the fire phoenix inside him before he fell unconscious.

He only had the power of the divine dragon within him, when did he still have the power of the fire phoenix?

Could it be?

Kai recalled the fire phoenix in the Demonic Beast Mountain Range, but when Kai and the fire phoenix were separated at that time, he did not have any fire phoenix power inside him either!

But why was there an additional power in his body now?

Seemingly sensing Kai’s confusion, the old man’s voice rang out once more, “This is the power of the dragon wind produced by the mating of the dragon and phoenix!”

“You guy can’t play with someone and now deny it, can you?”

The old man’s words caused Kai to become even more confused, he had never followed the fire phoenix to do that kind of thing before.

Suddenly, Kai thought of the days when he was unconscious, followed by that very comfortable dream!

He had thought that woman was Ge Yuhan, and having misunderstood Ge Yuhan, Kai had always thought it was a dream!

But now it seems that the woman should be Fire Phoenix ……

After he had followed the fire phoenix to have intercourse, he had generated this power of dragon wind, only that it was too short a time and the two powers had not yet fully merged.

When he thought that he had followed Fire Phoenix to do that kind of thing while he was in a coma, Kai was a little embarrassed!


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