A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2323

At the same moment, in the sea not far from Kunlun Mountain in the Hidden World, a pillar of water shot up to the clouds!

Immediately afterwards, a shocking wave was set off, and along with the fall of the water column, a whirlpool with a diameter of tens of metres unexpectedly appeared within the sea!

The whirlpool was so dark and deep that it could not be seen from the bottom ……

This vision instantly attracted all the people of the Hidden Realm!

Looking at the bottomless whirlpool in the ocean, everyone was stunned!

At this moment, from the vortex, there was a thick spiritual qi bubbling outwards, the crowd could not help but feel this pleasant aura, they all jumped in!

Qu Yunchang, who was dozens of miles away, also sensed the change in the area and came quickly on a killer whale!

Looking at the huge whirlpool in front of him, feeling the spiritual energy that kept bubbling out from the whirlpool, Qu Yunchang frowned faintly!

“Could there be a hollow in the secret realm?”

Qu Yunchang could clearly feel those auras, which were by no means something that the secular realm could possess! Remember the website m.lqzw.la

And the only place that can have such spiritual energy is in the secret realm!

But the entrance to every secret realm is extremely hidden, and there are also formations to hide it, requiring a password to do so, but now a huge entrance to a secret realm suddenly appears in the deep sea, this should be a certain secret realm has a hole!

After a moment of contemplation, Qu Yunchang also took a long leap and jumped straight in!


In the middle of the secret realm, Kai was still unconscious, and the power of the turbulence in the black vortex was constantly attacking Kai.

Fortunately, a dragon and a phoenix, one inside and one outside, were protecting Kai, otherwise Kai would probably have become mush by now!

Suddenly, a piercing light erupted from within the vortex, and a pillar of light blasted Kai’s body as fast as lightning.

From the outside, all that could be seen was a sudden flash of light within the black vortex, which then went out, and the terrifying aura emanating from that light sent a shock through everyone!

“Hmph, a whirlpool turbulence that even the Yu Clan Master couldn’t get through, this Kai is really arrogant to dare to go through it!”

Feeling the terrifying aura emanating from the light just now, Lv Fang smiled coldly and said, “It’s been so long and that Kai still hasn’t come out, he must have died inside ……”

“You shut up, Kai he won’t die!” Han Qing’er glared fiercely at Lu Factory and said!

Lv factory didn’t say anything, but his hatred for Kai had grown even deeper!

At this moment, Kai was hit by the light, and although his body was not injured, the crystal skull in his storage ring fell out of the ring and slowly floated up!

The appearance of the crystal skull caused the turbulence within the black vortex to become even more terrifying as the crystal skull began to emit light and slowly fell onto Kai’s chest!

With a dazzling flash of light, the crystal skull disappeared, and on top of Kai’s skin was a skull that looked like a tattoo!

The power that had entered Kai’s body at this moment was also instantly absorbed by the skull tattoo on Kai’s chest.

As the power inside Kai’s body disappeared, Kai slowly opened his eyes!

But just as he opened his eyes, Kai felt a tingling pain in his chest, Kai hurriedly looked down, and when he saw the skull tattoo on his chest, Kai was directly dumbfounded!

“What’s going on here?”

Kai was astonished, but before Kai could figure it out, he felt his body lighten and instantly fell on top of a boulder!

Kai only felt that the aura within his body was suppressed, his whole body churned with Qi and blood, and then a mouthful of fresh blood spurted out.

The blood that Kai spurted out was incomparably black, and when it landed on the boulder, it instantly melted through the boulder!

Looking at the molten boulder and the dark blood, Kai was dumbfounded!

He couldn’t understand what had happened to his body!


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