A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2322

“A new mysterious realm?”

Kai was a little surprised, hadn’t these secret realms been created during the God-Devil War?

How come new mysterious realms had suddenly appeared here?

Ge Cansheng saw Kai’s confusion and hurriedly explained, “Mr. Chen, this mysterious realm is not fixed and unchanging, every time a new mysterious realm opens, then there will be another mysterious realm that will die out ……”

“But what exactly is this new secret realm created by?” Kai asked.

Ge Cang Sheng shook his head, “That’s unknown, anyway, every time after a new mysterious realm opens, the mysterious realm is then filled with exotic treasures, and the spiritual energy is also much more abundant, just like a paradise outside the world!”

“So every time a new mysterious realm opens, it will be a strife again ……”

Kai was silent, outside of these eight mysterious realms, there actually existed high people, high people who could create mysterious realms!

Then these high beings were most likely the cultivators of the Celestial Human Realm that the Blood Demon was talking about.

“The Celestial Human Realm, what kind of place is this ……” First published at https://m.lqzw.la

Kai’s heart was filled with reverie about the Celestial Human Realm!

However, he knew that with this ability of his, he couldn’t even mix with the eight mysterious realms, so how could he afford to go to the Celestial Human Realm!

Everyone stared blankly at the black vortex, within which was another unknown space, and no one knew if there was any danger there.

After a moment of silence, Yu Qian slowly spoke, “Gentlemen, the opening of this new mysterious realm is a great opportunity for us in these eight mysterious realms, but in order to explore this mysterious realm, I have decided to venture into it to take a look, before I come out, you all must not enter casually!”

Yu Qian spoke in a tone of thought for everyone’s sake, but everyone knew that Yu Qian was planning to hog the resources within the new secret realm!

After all, those who entered first had a unique advantage!

But looking at the turbulent black vortex, the dangers inside were unknown, so the first one to enter was definitely the most dangerous too!

So when Yu Qian proposed to be the first to enter, no one objected!

Yu Qian mobilised all the spiritual energy in his body to form a barrier around him, then his body slowly floated up towards the black whirlpool!

Very quickly, Yu Qian’s body was immersed within the black vortex, and the crowd all watched nervously!

“Ah …………”

But with a miserable cry, Yu Qian’s body fell down like a kite with a broken string, and fell heavily to the ground!

Yu Qian was now bathed in blood and his body was covered in wounds, as if he had been cut by a knife!

“Dad …………”

Seeing this, Yu Jia Meng hurriedly went forward and helped Yu Qian up!

“Yu family head, what’s going on?”

Yao Qisheng stepped forward and asked Yu Qian.

One had to know that Yu Qian was the strongest here, and now Yu Qian had just entered that black vortex and became like this, so many people wanted to know what exactly Yu Qian had gone through!

“What a powerful force, the turbulence within this vortex is too powerful, it can’t be resisted at all ……”

Yu Qian said with a pale face and a frightened look in his eyes.

Everyone was dumbfounded when they heard that, if even Yu Qian couldn’t get in, then no one else could even think of getting in!

For a moment, everyone looked at the black vortex and fell into silence!

“I’ll try ……”

Kai said, leaping forward, surprisingly heading towards that black vortex, the Incorruptible Golden Body activated, Kai’s entire body was wrapped in golden scales!

When Kai entered that vortex, a terrifying force instantly burrowed in towards Kai’s body, Kai was shocked and hurriedly tried to suppress this force!

The dragon crystal inside Kai’s body began to shine brightly, and a golden dragon burst out of Kai’s body, soaring around him and resisting the turbulent force around him!

And within Kai’s body, a fire phoenix spread its wings, surprisingly following the force that had entered Kai’s body and fighting against it!

Kai, personally, instantly blacked out and passed out!


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