A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2320

Kai had just rushed out of the room when he ran into Ge Cang Sheng who happened to come to see him. When he saw that Kai was awake and had even come out, he said happily, “Mr. Chen, are you awake?”

Kai nodded: “I’m awake ……”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

Soon after, Ge Yuhan came out of the room and when Ge Cang Sheng saw Ge Yuhan’s blushing face and her unkempt clothes, a smile appeared on his face!

He knew that the more he explained, the more confusing it would be, so if Ge Cang Sheng had misunderstood, then let him misunderstand!

“Elder Ge, is the competition still going on?”

Kai asked Ge Cang Sheng.

“It’s still going on, but today is the last day, and there are only a few masters left, so Mr. Chen has just woken up, so there is no need to go.”

Ge Cang Sheng was afraid that Kai would have to fight again, because with the way Kai looked now, it would be very difficult to beat him!

After all, those who had made it to the end were all powerful monks!

“I just want to go and have a look, I won’t be fighting ……”

Kai smiled slightly and then followed Ge Cang Sheng to the square!

By now, the square was much less crowded, and many of the defeated monks did not want to come to the square to watch the others fight!

In the end, there were only ten people left, and they were challenging each other to a duel!

Kai took a glance and saw that apart from the five Windy Rankers, Jin Neo, Lu Fang and Han Qing’er had all stayed behind!

“Kai ……”

Seeing Kai awaken, Han Qing’er actually gave up the fight in the ring and leapt up, landing in front of Kai’s face!

“Kai, you’re awake? I didn’t expect you to wake up so quickly ……”

Han Qing’er looked at Kai with a big smile on her face!

“You’re still in the middle of a fight, so you’ve come down here?”

Kai asked in amazement.

After all, the more the end, the more important each victory is to the respective secret realm!

“No problem, I’ll just admit defeat!”

Han Qing’er said without a care in the world!

Since she had jumped out of the ring herself, it was in order for Han Qing’er to admit defeat!

“Han Fusheng, it seems that your daughter has fallen in love with this Kai?”

On top of the high platform, Yu Qian said to Han Fusheng, the Lord of the Purple Sky Mansion.

“Ho ho, a girl is too big to stay ……”

The first time I saw the man, I was a little bit of a fool.

After all, they are both from the Thunder Gate Secret Realm, Han Qing’er and Lu Beiwei can be considered childhood friends, and the two families are interested in setting up the two!

However, at this meeting, Han Fusheng could also see that his daughter Han Qing’er was in love with Kai!

In addition, Han Fusheng’s domineering aura when he killed Feng Wuxian made him fall in love with Kai.

Although Kai is not very powerful at the moment, his potential is unlimited.

This is what Han Fusheng likes about Kai!

“This Kai, although he is not at a high level, his strength and the strength of his physical body are unheard of.

Windy Smoke actually praised Kai!

He had just killed his disciple Feng Wuxing a few days ago, and now Wind Smoke was openly praising Kai, which was very unreasonable.

However, there was a reason why Wind Smoke suddenly praised Kai’s physical body, he wanted these people to pay attention to Kai, with such a strong physical body and those treasures in Kai’s body, Wind Smoke believed that there must be people who were already interested in Kai!

In this way, Kai would become a research object for all of them, and Kai would become a guinea pig, completely losing his life!

“This Kai, there are indeed too many secrets in his body ……”

Yu Qian’s eyes were slightly glued as he said indifferently.


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