A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2319

Ge Yuhan looked at Kai with a puzzled face and said, “Mr. Chen, what are you talking about doing?”

“It’s …… is …………”

Kai didn’t know how to say anything for a while, he could only look embarrassed and anxious!

“Mr. Chen, if you have anything to say, you can say it directly, no need to stammer.”

Ge Yuhan looked at Kai like that, she didn’t understand what Kai wanted to say!

“Miss Ge, was I rude to you when I was in a coma?”

Kai asked.

“Rude to me?” Ge Yuhan was even more baffled: “Mr. Chen was in a coma, how else could he be rude to me?”

“I didn’t mean that. I wanted to say, when I was unconscious, did you sleep with me?”

Kai finally spoke up in a hurry!

“Sleeping with you?” Ge Yuhan didn’t react for a while, and when she did, her face instantly turned red, and then she said in an angry tone, “Mr. Chen, I admit that I like you a bit, and you saved my life, so if you want me, I can give it to you anytime, even now.”

“But I, Ge Yuhan, would never do something like that while you were unconscious, I’m not a proud daughter of heaven, but I’m not a b*tch either ……”

The first thing I did was to ask if the girl was not Ge Yuhan, so I quickly apologized, “Miss Ge, I don’t think I meant that.

“Maybe it was really a dream, I was overthinking it myself, I’m really sorry ……”

Kai could only desperately apologize to Ge Yuhan, hoping to get her forgiveness!

Ge Yuhan saw how sincere Kai was and knew that Kai was not lying. It’s not because you haven’t had a woman with you during the time you’ve been here, so you’re a bit lonely, right?”

When Kai heard this, he hurriedly waved his hand and said, “No, no, no, Miss Ge misunderstood, although I do have a lot of women around me, but I have never touched any of them, to tell the truth, I have never touched a woman in my life ……”

In order not to let Ge Yuhan misunderstand, Kai could only tell his **!

Ge Yuhan looked at Kai in amazement, with a strong love in her eyes, she had never thought that Kai had so many women around him, yet he had never touched one!

“Mr. Chen, no wonder you had that kind of dream, you are over 20 and you still haven’t touched a woman, if Mr. Chen doesn’t mind, I can satisfy Mr. Chen’s ……”

Ge Yuhan bit her lips and surprisingly started to undress as she said ……

Ge Yuhan’s face was red and she had gathered a lot of courage to do so!

Kai was dumbfounded for a while, watching Ge Yu Han’s clothes getting less and less, the snow white skin exposed outside, Kai’s inner impulse was frantically pouring out!

Kai was desperately trying to suppress the impulse, using the last of his reason to say to Ge Yuhan: “Miss Ge, don’t be like that, I don’t mean that ……”

The first time I saw Kai closing his eyes, there was a tear in Ge Yuhan’s eyes.

“Mr. Chen, is it because you dislike me? Why don’t you even dare to open your eyes and look at me?”

Ge Yuhan didn’t understand, according to her beauty, even if she stood in front of a man with her clothes on, he would still stare at her!

“Miss Ge, I definitely don’t mean to dislike you, but you and I have no name and no relationship, so it would be irresponsible of me to take advantage of your body now.”

“You’d better put your clothes back on quickly, so as not to be seen by the weirdoes ……”

Kai said, and rushed out of the room. -Kai


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