A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2318

Soon, the power of the divine dragon seemed to be guided and instantly disappeared into a piece of emptiness!

Immediately afterwards, the void shone with light and a human form slowly appeared, followed by a naked woman standing in front of Kai!

If Kai had been awake at that moment, he would have been able to tell at a glance that the woman in front of him was none other than Fire Phoenix!

Fire Phoenix looked at Kai who was lying on the bed, her eyes were full of pity!

“Master, Fire Phoenix has come to save you ……”

Having said that, Fire Phoenix slowly leaned down and kissed Kai tightly on the mouth with her cherry mouth!

A fiery red bead, spitting out from the Fire Phoenix’s mouth, instantly entered Kai’s body!

The very instant that bead entered, Kai’s originally pale face flushed red!

The dragon crystal on his chest also began to become active, a divine dragon’s power emanating continuously, seemingly attracting the bead!

Kai’s brow furrowed, and his body seemed to be reacting!

Seeing this, the fire phoenix slowly plopped down on top of Kai’s body!

Immediately afterwards, a heart-breaking pain caused the fire phoenix to frown, but the fire phoenix gritted its teeth and desperately tried not to make a sound!

The fiery red beads, inside Kai’s body, were circling around the dragon crystal inside Kai!

The dragon crystal, which had been depleted and lifeless, was now as vibrant as if it had been rejuvenated!

The beads transformed into a colourful phoenix, while the dragon crystal in Kai’s body sprang forth as a golden dragon!

The dragon and phoenix were constantly circling together!

Kai seemed to feel endless strength at this moment, then with a flip, he began to pound desperately!

Fire Phoenix gritted her teeth as tears dripped down from the corners of her eyes, but she could only endure it in order to save Kai!

After an unknown amount of time, Fire Phoenix’s entire body had become deflated, and that originally fiery red bead had become dull and dull!

After slowly sucking that bead out of Kai’s body, Fire Phoenix slowly got up and looked at Kai who was still in a coma, but a smile of satisfaction appeared on Fire Phoenix’s face!

“Master, it’s my honor to dedicate everything I have to you ……”

As the Fire Phoenix finished speaking, his form grew fainter and fainter, and finally slowly disappeared!

Early the next morning!

Kai snapped open his eyes, looking around the room, Kai frowned as if he thought of something and hurriedly lifted the covers!

Upon seeing that he was naked, Kai fell into a deep thought!

“Is this a dream, or is it real?”

Kai always felt like he was having a dream, yet it felt like that dream was so real!

Just when Kai was puzzled, Ge Yuhan walked in, she came in every morning to see if Kai had awakened!

When Ge Yuhan walked in and saw Kai sitting naked on the bed, she froze!

Kai and Ge Yuhan looked at each other, both frozen for a while!

It took a good ten seconds for the two of them to react!

Kai hurriedly covered his body, while Ge Yuhan exclaimed, “Mr. Chen, you’re awake, you’re finally awake ……”

With that, Ge Yuhan completely ignored the fact that Kai was still undressed and directly pounced on him, her face full of excitement!

Looking at Ge Yuhan’s appearance, Kai looked a little embarrassed and hurriedly asked, “Miss Ge, how long have I …… been in a coma?”

“Mr. Chen, you have been in a coma for three days, if you are unable to wake up today, then the Secret Realm Conference will be over.”

Ge Yuhan said!

“I didn’t think I’d been unconscious for so long?” Kai frowned slightly, then looked at Ge Yuhan and blushed, “Miss Ge, while I was in a coma, the two of us …… didn’t do anything, did we?”

Kai always felt like that dream of his was just like reality, and here, it seemed like there was only one girl, Ge Yuhan, if it was real, then it was most likely Ge Yuhan, that’s why Kai asked so.


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