A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2317

In his current condition, Kai is obviously unable to fight in the tournament, but the tournament will go on for a few days, so if Kai can recover in a few days, he can still make it to the end of the tournament!

Even if Kai can’t recover anytime soon and can’t compete in the tournament, Kai’s reputation will still be made in this battle!

But the promise of following Jin Lifu could not be fulfilled, but for Kai’s sake, Ge Cansheng would not hesitate to use the resources of the Ge family!

After Kai was settled, Ge Cansheng and the others returned to the square, leaving Kai to recover from his injuries.

The fights did not stop just because Kai had killed Feng Wuxian, the fights continued to be fought in the main ring!

But these fights no longer attracted the attention of the others, after all, these fights were just like a child’s game to Kai and Feng Wu Heng!

Soon, the first day of the tournament was over, and everyone went into the castle to rest. During the Secret Tournament, all those who entered were not allowed to leave, only at the end of the Secret Tournament!

“Dad, why hasn’t Mr. Chen woken up yet?”

Ge Yuhan saw Kai lying on the bed, without the slightest hint of blood on his face, if not for the faint breath still in his body, then Kai would be as good as dead!

“I don’t know, Mr. Chen’s injury, none of us can help ……”

Ge Cansheng looked at Kai like that, in fact, his heart was also anxious, but there was nothing he could do!

At that moment, Han Qing’er walked in with a bowl of porridge, seeing Kai’s condition, Han Qing’er’s face was full of heartache!

“Miss Han, what are you doing?”

Seeing Han Qing’er coming, Ge Cansheng asked curiously.

After all, of the eight great mysterious realms, each had their own resting area in their respective mysterious realms, and now that Han Qing’er had suddenly come here, Ge Cang Sheng was a little puzzled!

“I made congee with sea lotus seeds, I guess it’s good for Kai’s injuries!”

Han Qing’er said.

“Miss Han, thank you for your kindness, but it’s just that Mr. Chen is unconscious now, he can’t eat anything.”

Ge Cansheng said.

“I’ll try ……” Han Qing’er didn’t believe me, so she went to the bedside and then started feeding Kai!

But no matter how hard Han Qing’er tried, but Kai simply couldn’t eat a single bite!

“Miss Han, there’s no need to try anymore, we’ve already tried it, it’s useless!”

Ge Cansheng persuaded Han Qing’er.

Han Qing’er looked at Kai’s appearance and tears flowed from her eyes!

“Miss Han, we’d better let Mr. Chen rest more, don’t disturb him ……”

Ge Yuhan stepped forward and said softly to Han Qing’er!

Han Qing’er nodded, then slowly got up and left after giving Kai a lingering look!

“Let’s go too, we can only see Mr. Chen on his own next!”

Ge Cansheng shouted Ge Yuhan away too, they could only pray silently, nothing else could help!

Three days in a row!

Kai was still in a coma, without the slightest sign of waking up!

Although Ge Cansheng was anxious, there was nothing he could do but wait!

“Dad, there’s one more day tomorrow before the Secret Realm Conference is over, can Mr. Chen wake up?”

Ge Yuhan frowned and said.

“It’s been three days and Mr. Chen hasn’t changed a bit, I’m really afraid he’ll stay in a coma like this!”

Ge Cansheng sighed, his heart filled with that feeling of powerlessness!

At nightfall, Kai was lying inside his room by himself, his weak breath only keeping his life from stopping!

This time Kai had forcibly used the Dragon Tattoo Bell, and the damage to him was immense!

But often, under a great crisis, there is a great opportunity!

At this moment, the Dragon Crystal on Kai’s chest finally began to emit a faint glow, and a trace of the power of the divine Dragon slowly emanated from within the Dragon Crystal!

This trace of divine dragon power broke away from Kai’s body and began to float in the air!


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