A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2315

Sensing the crowd’s curiosity about Kai, Ge Cansheng was a little scared inside, and he was beginning to regret bringing Kai to this Secret Realm Assembly!

After all, with Kai’s current strength, if he were to make a splash at the Secret Realm Conference and be noticed by these people, it would be a difficult time in the future!

Because Ge Cang Sheng knew that don’t look at these people from the eight mysterious realms who bragged all day long that they were orthodox cultivators, subduing demons and eliminating devils!

In fact, they were all insatiable people who were capable of doing anything for the sake of profit and resources!

There are even some things that are even more ruthless than some demons ……

At this point in time, above the ring, Feng Wuhen had already followed the flaming tiger in a fight!

The already demonized Feng Wuhen was not the least bit afraid of the Flaming Tiger, while the Flaming Tiger was desperately trying to block Feng Wuhen, not letting him get one step closer to Kai!

Even though the Flaming Tiger’s body was already covered in wounds, his mouth was still full of hisses and his eyes were determined, without the slightest intention of retreating!

“You are a beast, why do you want to protect that Kai desperately, if so, then I will kill you first ……”

Feng Wuxing was furious, his fist was wrapped in black mist above his fist, and he smashed it towards the Flaming Tiger!

The Flaming Tiger roared in anger and pounced directly on him as well!

Boom …………

With a loud bang, the Flaming Tiger’s body flew out and then smashed heavily under the ring.

The Flaming Tiger desperately tried to get up, but it simply couldn’t!

Finally, it collapsed helplessly to the ground, spitting blood from its mouth, with only its eyes turning, proving that it was still alive!

When many people around saw how badly the Flaming Tiger had been wounded, they became greedy, knowing that the Flaming Tiger’s beast pellets were a good resource!

Some people started to approach the Flaming Tiger with their weapons, wanting to get the Flaming Tiger’s beast elixir.

“If any of you touch this Flaming Tiger, I will fight for your lives ……”

Ge Yuhan drew her long sword and stood guard next to the Flaming Tiger!

Hou Zhen also stepped forward, guarding the Flaming Tiger, ready to strike at those who had ill intentions!

Seeing this, Han Qing’er also stepped forward to guard the Flaming Tiger, after all, this Flaming Tiger was helping Kai!

Seeing this, the crowd gave up their greed!

And at this moment, Feng Wuxing, without the Flaming Tiger to stop him, looked up at Kai coldly, “It’s over, it’s all over ……”

After Feng Wu Heng finished speaking, his huge fist clenched up tightly, countless black mist coalesced around his fist!

Just at that moment, Kai suddenly opened his tightly closed eyes!

“It’s time to end this ……”

As Kai finished speaking, his body began to slowly fall down, finally standing in front of Feng Wu Heng!

In front of Feng Wu Heng, Kai was so small!

“I can slap you to death with one slap right now ……”

Feng Wu Heng looked down at Kai with disdain in his eyes!

“You’re right, it’s just a pity that you won’t be able to get out of this slap!”

Kai had a faint smile on his face!

Feng Wuzhen froze, and immediately afterwards, he felt a terrifying aura coming from above his head, followed by his entire heart and soul trembling!

Feng Wuzhen hurriedly looked up, and immediately afterwards his whole body froze!

“The Dragon Tattooed Bell, look, that’s the Dragon Tattooed Bell …………”

Someone couldn’t help but shout out loud.

Only to see a large bell, descending from the sky, heading directly towards that Feng Wu Heng!

Looking at that dragon pattern bell, Feng Wu Hian’s heart was filled with fear, he wanted to dodge, but it was already too late, he only felt a blackness in front of his eyes, and was directly enveloped by that dragon pattern bell!

Feng Wuzhen panicked and desperately struck inside the Dragon Tattooed Bell, his huge body, lifting it up with all his might!

From the outside, all that could be seen was that the Dragon Tattooed Bell began to shake, and had even been lifted off the ground by Feng Wu Heng!

But at this very moment, along with a dragon roar, nine golden dragons descended from the sky and instantly entered the Dragon Tattoo Bell, transforming into nine dragon patterns.

And all at once, that Dragon Tattooed Bell fell once more, never to make the slightest movement again!


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