A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other 3033

After the Ice Spirit Dan entered the old devil’s stomach, an aura began to gush out, only to see the old devil’s strength increase by leaps and bounds!

Kai, who saw this scene, only saw that he almost didn’t curse!

He was originally going to get the Ice Vibrant Pill and hand it over to the County Head of Jialing County in exchange for healing Yi He!

Now that the Ice Pill was gone, how could he go back and explain?

As for Ning Caichen and the others, when they saw that the old devil hadn’t even died yet and had regained his strength, they all became alarmed!

Now Kai looked very weak, where was he still a match for that old devil?

This time, what should they do?

“Pity, pity ah, this thing was to help me remould my flesh, but now it’s so wasted.”

“It’s all because of you, so I’m going to break you into pieces!”

The old devil looked at Kai, his eyes full of coldness!

Kai gritted his teeth and held the Dragon Chopper Sword with both hands in a death grip, he really hadn’t expected that the two top level feats of the two great stances had failed to kill the old devil!

Now it was directly into a passive situation now!

The old devil gently waved his palm, a weird wind sound whistled up, and in an instant countless black mists refilled the entire hall!

At this time, Kai’s eyes could not be seen, his divine sense was constantly expanding, but he could not sense anyone’s presence!

“This is not right?”

Kai frowned!

Even if this black mist blocked the line of sight, it was impossible to block the divine sense!

Right now, Kai’s divine sense unexpectedly could not sense anyone, as if no one existed around him!

“Ji Yun, Gao Qisheng, Old Sun …………”

Kai fought and shouted!

Since divine sense could be blocked, but sound shouldn’t be able to, right?

But after Kai shouted for half a day, no one answered at all!

Kai frowned and swung out a fist with vigour!

Countless golden fist awns surged out in all directions!

Rumbling …………

Accompanied by a loud bang, Kai wanted to use the wind of his fist to disperse these black mists!

However, after this punch went down, the black mist was indeed blown away a lot, but it quickly returned to its form!

This time, Kai was idle and somewhat helpless!

“This is an illusion, I didn’t expect him to play a big sword in front of Guan Gong ……”

At this time, the old man slowly spoke!

In terms of illusion arts, the old man’s attainments were much better than that old devil!

Not to mention the fact that Kai himself possessed the Origin of Illusion, he simply did not expect that the old fiend would use illusion techniques!

Kai looked around as his body quickly dashed forwards!

Finding that no matter how he acted, the scene around him was exactly the same, the black mist seemed to wrap around him alone!

“Brother, I know that your illusion technique is also very powerful, but do you still have the ability to perform it now?”

“This illusion art of mine, can you still break it?”

The old devil’s voice, came from all directions, listening to the voice did not distinguish the old devil’s location!

“Hmph, you’re all left over from my play, in a moment I’ll show you what a true illusion is!”

After the old man finished speaking, his expression was solemn as he surveyed his surroundings!

“Senior, how is this illusion art able to do so without being recognised?”

Kai’s illusion art was not bad, otherwise it would not have been possible for both the old devil and the Five Elements Heavenly Fury to fall into it!

However, this time, he himself fell into it without realising it, and could not see any breakage!

The old man observed for a moment and said with some surprise “This fellow, to use the overlap of our two illusionary worlds to take advantage of my illusionary techniques, simply damned, it seems he hasn’t been idle all these years!”

“No wonder he dared to use his illusion technique in front of me, he knows that we don’t have enough power right now, if we want to break through this illusion technique, we must have a large amount of spiritual power as support.”

“Then we have no chance of getting out?” Kai was surprised!


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