A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other 2927

“Eldest Miss, the Land of the Far North is vast and endless, I’m afraid it’s very difficult to find someone, right?”

A Protector said!

“Protector Cang, the three of us will split up and look for them, even if these people run, they won’t be able to get far.”

“As soon as we find them, make sure to keep them all, and if we can’t keep them all, then catch the kid who knows how to reach the fire!”

Linglong commanded!

“Eldest Miss, this …… isn’t good, you’re acting on your own, if you run into danger, the Demon Ancestor will blame us.”

Protector Cang said worriedly!

“Hmph, a mere few small cultivators, no need to be afraid, even if we have the Demon Whip in our hands, what can we do.”

Linglong snorted coldly as her strength at the peak of the ninth rank of the Combined Body realm exploded out in an instant!

All Linglong needed now was an opportunity, and as long as she searched for it, she could break through the Combination Realm and advance to the Transmigration Realm!

Once she survived the entire perilous realm of the Transmigration Realm, then she could become a half-step Demon Immortal!

And this opportunity might lie with Kai, who could reach the Fire!

Linglong’s eyes turned hot!

“Eldest Miss is heavenly and talented, of course she’s not afraid of a few tiny human cultivators ……”

Protector Cang rushed to brag!

“Then let’s split up, otherwise if we really let these people get away, then none of us can afford to bear the blame if the master blames us!”

Linglong said, and with a long leap her body disappeared into the white snowy plain!

The two guardians looked at each other, and then also went off in their own different directions to look for them!

At this moment, Kai and the others were desperately trying to escape!

Since Kai had said that the incoming demon cultivator was strong, then it must be strong!

After running some distance, he stopped with a slight frown on his face!

“Mr. Chen, what’s wrong?”

Wajang asked!

“We can’t run away like this, the other side is strong and is chasing us from different directions!”

“So someone has to stay behind to stall and buy time for the others!”

Kai said!

But after Kai finished speaking, no one made a sound, because everyone knew that the person who stayed behind to stall the other side was bound to die!

No one wanted to die ……

The tile jar looked at Kai, and then said with a grit of his teeth, “Mr. Chen, I am willing to stay and hold back the demon cultivators who are coming after me, so you can run for your life quickly ……”

Kai looked at Wajang and shook his head “You can’t, with your strength, the other side will kill you with one slap!”

“Simply can’t drag the other side for much longer!”

“I’ll stay, but I need a few more people with high strength to help me.”

“Gao Qijie, Wajang, you guys take Ruyan and escape from the west, be fast ……”

After Kai finished, he swept a glance at Old Sun, Old Kong, Zuo Qing, and Ji Yun, after all, this few people were the strongest!

Like Gao Qijie, and Liu Ruyan, tile jar, etc., really if the experts dueled, I’m afraid that the aftermath could kill them all!

“I’m not leaving, I’m staying, Kai I’m staying with you ……”

Liu Ruyan simply wouldn’t leave!

“Even if you don’t leave, you won’t be of much help and will distract me, those of you who are weak, run away quickly!”

“Others who are willing to stay and help me can stay, but let me tell you, if we can’t work together now, the result in the end is that we will all become a meal in the mouth of those demon cultivators!”

Kai said with a gloomy face!

“Brother Kai, I’m staying, not to mention that you saved my life, even if it’s to deal with these demon cultivators, it’s still the responsibility of my human cultivators.”

Old Sun took the lead and said he would stay!

Seeing this, Ji Yun also said that he would stay!

Seeing that someone was staying, Old Kong and Zuo Qing looked at each other, then both of them nodded their heads as well, indicating that they were staying!

After all, there was strength in numbers, not to mention that they were the strongest among these people!


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