A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other 2915

Seeing how arrogant his opponent was, Ji Yun raised his hand to make a move, but was stopped by Kai!

“What exactly do you mean by tribute?”

Kai asked at the man!

“Since you’ve asked, I’m not afraid to tell you, you can’t leave here anyway!”

The man said with a smile “This is not the treasure of the Ancient Body Refining Clan, but the place where the ancestor of the Ancient Body Refining Clan sealed the soul of my demon clan!”

“In order to build a treasure for the Ancient Body Refining Clan, our Demon Clan was killed and injured countless times, and many remnant souls were sealed here.”

“In order to break the seal, you must use the essence blood of the Ice Spirit Giant Beast to do so, but it is too difficult to get the essence blood of the Ice Spirit Giant Beast!”

“That’s why our Demon Ancestor thought of this method, sealing the five Ice Spirit Beasts within the ice coffins, and then relying on the human cultivator’s divine sense to draw the Ice Spirit Beasts’ essence blood out of their bodies little by little!”

“In this way, the five ice spirit beasts will keep producing their essence blood until the moment the seal is opened.”

“You think these people are absorbing ice crystal energy, but in fact they have all entered into illusion, their divine sense is being slowly plundered.”

“Of course, you are not the first batch, nor will you be the last, only when the seal is unlocked will we have completed our mission!”

Listening to the man’s words, Kai then understood, no wonder those people above the palace acted as if they couldn’t hear the fight just now!

It turned out that they had all entered the illusion, there was no blood within the ice coffin at the beginning, and it was only after these people absorbed the ice crystal energy that the blood appeared!

And this strange pattern, it turns out that this red is dyed red by the blood of the ice beast, and it looks like the seal is about to be lifted!

“Did the two of you deliberately open this cave entrance and then expose it to the crowd?”

Kai asked!

“Not bad!” The man nodded!

“Were the various organs in front also deliberately laid out by you to convince the crowd that there was treasure here?”

Kai continued to ask!

The man still nodded “All that was done by us, but if you people were not greedy, how could you have fallen for it.”

“In fact, every year there are people who come to this extreme north in search of opportunities, and these people become our tribute.”

“Only, this year there are just a bit more people coming, all leaving you here, and we two brothers have to go back to enticing others.”

“Why did that blood condense the remnant soul of the Ice Spirit Beast, and if we failed to kill that Ice Spirit Beast remnant soul, wouldn’t that essence blood cease to exist?”

Kai was amazed, if there was no Ice Spirit Giant Beast essence blood, how else could we open the seal!

“It’s not all because of you, originally that essence blood would slowly flow out of the ice coffin by itself and be absorbed by the seal little by little, but you forced those essence blood out, causing those essence blood to melt into one, that’s why the remnant soul appeared.”

“You do have some ability, now come with us, you can still live, if not, you can only wait here to die.”

The man said to Kai.

“Come with you guys? Unless you two have the ability to take me away ……”

Kai’s eyes faintly stared, and his body was instantly covered with a murderous aura.

“You two bastards, I’ll kill you ……” Ji Yun couldn’t hold back any longer, if it wasn’t for Kai’s constant reminders, they were still being played for fools!

Ji Yun lashed out towards the two, but just as he did so, the two suddenly retreated into the pattern, only to see the pattern flash with a burst of red light, and the two’s forms slowly disappeared!

“I can’t believe they even laid down a teleportation formation, no wonder they weren’t afraid at all!”

Kai saw that the other party had been transported away by the teleportation formation, he could not help but frown slightly!

“Just enjoy yourselves, don’t think about leaving here, no one who has entered here has ever left here ……”

The voice was getting farther and farther away and faded away ……


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